One of these things is not like the others


QUAD @Polaris

As in quadruple the rewards.
Not quadruple some of the rewards.
Apart from these ones at the end…

Are embershards not a resource?
Someone should tell the people that put them in the same category as the resources that we gain from daily quest rewards, portal lord rewards, and sign in rewards…



I am curious how an experience bottle is a resource.

And a silver nugget is a resource.

But an adamantite embershard is not a resource.

I await your response with bated breath, a caramel latte, and a snarky reply :slight_smile:

Don’t make me write a ticket to @samm


Yes, if we could get quad drops fixed for the embershards next time we have quad trials that would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Or if no quad drops applied to embershards is intended, a post clarifying this would be helpful so we can stop pestering about it


You mean this isn’t the best way to ask that question? @Golden_Princess


Last week the trial modes didn’t open.
This week the trial and tower reset items ("resources :wink: "?) diamond bundle didn’t show up.

Stop doing half a job.
Do it properly, or not at all.

Yes, you have other games coming out soon.
We’re still here spending money while that isn’t even soft launched (unless I missed a memo from my Far Eastern friends?)

Give Bob a shake, turn off the rolling news.
If Trump presses the red button on the way out, we’re all dead anyway…



Never mind.
Get us used to 10 trials resets a week.
Then charge us for them.

PESKY sound marketing strategy.
Good work, per blue.
Keep it up.

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Don’t think of it as buying the trial resets - think of it as buying all the other stuff and getting the trial resets for free as a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t think of it as gifting a rival @Golden_Princess

Think of it as paying me to shut up :wink:


Its been a diamond purchase lately 10 & 10. And usually b4 the quads are over.

I believe you’re mistaken :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t mind at all if you keep talking, in fact some of the stuff you say is borderline entertaining @Pixie_Mici

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@Pixie_Mici well considering it’s been mostly crickets here…time to send that ticket?

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@Golden_Princess I was waiting to see if we were having a sneaky cap raise this week first.

Prioritise my ranting :wink:

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@Pixie_Mici looks like I’m holding onto my trial resets for another week :slightly_smiling_face:

@Golden_Princess I’m still looking for a guild


My mom used to tell me: “The best way to get a job done is giving it your undivided attention, but if you are only able to prioritize one thing at a time, you will be missing a lot of opportunities as the world won’t wait for you.” :slightly_smiling_face:


In the meantime I still have over 15 billion XP on each account…so on with the waiting game :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not even whilst guild contest is on :scream:

Nope :slightly_smiling_face: the additional rewards from getting quad embershards outweigh the ~200 million guild contest points using these trials now can contribute

However, if you are able to find an auto tap for trials today…

I wouldn’t care, you’ve had a week to do something about this, or even make some sort of comment on this thread @Polaris @Samm et al , and you couldn’t even get round to correcting the “resourced drop” typo on the splash screen.

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Who was the “I wouldn’t care” directed at :thinking: