Orange Crafting Changes


We have heard the feedback echoing from the depths of the dungeon about the grind to get hero gear in the later Orange levels. Over the last couple weeks we have added more stamina to the event deals, but these didn’t help out everyone as well as we wanted.

With the 2.12.1 update, we’ve reduced the crafting requirements on some orange items to help ensure that our paying players are getting a good value for their stamina, and to keep our free to play players competitive.

Players who have already suffered the grind and promoted at least a hero to Orange +5 have received this compensation package:

  • 1 Slitherwhip
  • 1 Ancient Meme
  • 1 Khopesh Mechanism
  • 1 Sparkbeetle
  • 1 Bedrock
  • 1 Grappling Hook
  • 1 Save Point
  • 1 Caribbeaner
  • 2 Double Normal Campaign Drops Items
  • 2 Double Gear Scraps Dungeon Items
  • 200 Diamonds

Following this change, stamina offered in event packages will be going back down to previous levels. We will continue to monitor the game data to see that this has a positive impact on all our players, and the health of the servers.

Thanks for your feedback!

grabs popcorn and waits


I don’t usually comment on here but if this is the ONLY compensation for the hours, stamina and diamonds, that I and others have spent in levelling and gearing our heroes, you seriously need to reconsider your calculations. Each item need at least another zero on the end and what about some stamina packs. At most we can get 240 stamina (4 packs of 60) for 200 diamonds.

Please Pureblue start treating us like valuables customers not just idiot cash cows that don’t know any better.


Lmao. Yeah the grind to promote one hero to o5 is definitely comparable to gearing up even just a dozen o7s…


Not good enough

You will hear from me soon
And you’ll wish you listened in the first place

I can understand breaking the scrolls down to white items but there was NO need to turn the scraps into white items now I have to grind all over again!! Either the scraps need to be converted back or we need to be compensated more!


Are you for reall?? @OhRlyeh @Etesian

Save point scroll
I have loads of the full gear

My pony needs them
I can’t use them cause you made them white

Ergo I now have to respend all that stamina again to make something you’ve made obsolete in my inventory

You are doing this completely wrong


What are you doing?!?!? Why haven’t the scroll pieces of these items been turned into scraps? WE ALREADY LOST A LOT OF GRIND WITH THE FULL RECIPES BEING TURNED INTO USELESS WHITE ITEMS, you are trying very hard to make us quit the game!!! :rage:

Don’t tell us you DIDN’T KNOW, you have close to INFINITE complains about the grinding from here to Mars!!!


Do you “want” the players to leave your game?

First of all I’m a free player and cannot pay you even if I want! (Because of where I live!) So every thing in my game is super restricted ( heck I even cannot get daily raid tickets for which I contributed toward its leveling in guild because of not being VIP). I manged to gain some gears in the last 2 or 3 weeks and in last spend gold and xp contest I converted all that I could some of now whitened scraps so I can use them when I can. I’m a level 113 player and I couldn’t even gear them until this week when got to 113. Now I have to do this again? Are you ******* kidding yourselves?! And not even being compensated? At least you should give back all that stamina packs (over 150+) and over 700 raid tickets (you have no idea how they are hard to gain for a f2player) that I used to gain those.


This is outrageous. Your asinine gear fix has cost me hundreds of scrap. Why on earth would anybody think turning all our inventory scrap into useless white scrap was a good idea.
So now i can use the paltry 200 diamonds to buy 240 stamina and get a whopping 10 scraps back.
All you people needed to do was increase the drop rates, thats it. That would have fixed enough problems, but you had to get creative and screw everything up.
Lesson here is stop thinking and start listening to your community, they obviously know more than you when it comes to this game.
I’m one more stupid update away from cutting my loses and uninstalling this p.o.s game… but I guess the jokes on me because Im almost VIP 14.


This is a joke. You just keep stealing from us… so now we get punished for pre planning and prepping for the next cap raise… this is absolutely absurd. This compensation package is a joke. Players have speant days in dungeon to collect these and or thousands of stam packs. And now its all useless. Garbage is what this is. You better come up with better compensation or you will lose a ton of your “cash cow” players. Wont see another cent from me. Crooks is all you are. Maybe i should call my PayPal account and tell them per blue stole all my money. Took unauthorized withdrawals.


The more I read this the more upset I get… friends… lmao… friends dont steal from friends… and your not hearing from the depths of the dungeon. Your hearing from angry paying customers your stealing from… so we tried to help but screwed up with added stam packs so now we have to screw it up more by stealing players scraps… yeah that’s fair… I paid for those scraps with my time, stam, and real money. So give our scraps back. Cause getting shafted and our gear stolen is not “a good value for our stamina”? And you really hurt your free to play players. well done per blue you managed to stick it to everyone. Amazingly you screw your game up with every new update. Good luck moving forward as you lose all your customers. There ya go… fixed it with the policatlly correct non offensive version… but I’m sure it will be flagged as well cause the truth is offensive.


Flagged by community…lol. more like hidden because developers dont wanr ot read. Nothing offensive there except the truth.


Just want to clarify:

The Scroll-Scraps and Scrolls that were turned into white items are no longer used in any crafting recipes. You don’t need to grind those scraps again, because they aren’t required for crafting.

We don’t have the capability to turn those magically into something else, so we changed them into white items (to prevent them from dropping from chests), and you can sell them for gold or guild script.

To recognize the effort put into grinding for those scraps and scrolls, we sent a full item as compensation.

Feedback is welcome, as long as you follow the forum rules.


And here I was this whole time thinking you guys were magic :roll_eyes:. I’ve been sold a lie and I want my money back.


Feedback isn’t welcome. I want half of the stamina items I used to make the ridiculous items I had to craft. That would be a start at a decent compensation package. There’s people here that have gone through tens of thousands of stamina items, and then you guys had the audacity to change this after said fact, after it was already supposed to be less of a grind from previous updates. You guys don’t care about us, yet we keep the lights on. It’s about time you do something right for a change.


"To recognize the effort put into grinding for those scraps and scrolls, we sent a full item as compensation."
No you didn’t! I am level 113 and couldn’t upgrade any of my heroes to o5 even if I wanted to, but I had scraps and gears that could be used to do so.
Shame on you man, shame on you.


If you had the ability to recognise who had equipped one of these O5 items, surely you have the ability to see who had equipped O6 n 7, and reward each accordingly. The heavies n budget pay players have really been taken up the creek without a paddle with your comp package.


And this is why I didn’t spend any stamina in normal campaign until this update came out. I don’t even wanna look at what I lost, haha. (Not actually amused, that’s a nervous chuckle there).

Well, can’t say I was too hopeful, and I got more than I expected… Needless to say, I really am relieved that I’m not part of this game’s staff right now. I know some of you try your best, and are most likely just the messager; my thoughts are with you, lock your doors though.

Really you chat rubbish…
My pony needs save point scrolls still in the crafting recipe and you’ve nuked my whole inventory of them
I cannot use them

See the comment I tagged you in that was all after update

The recipe is exactly the same as before update yet you destroyed my items

And yes I’m making o7 gear not o5