Orange Crafting Changes


I’m not happy. Hoped in chat just now. Everyone’s taking about this. So I went to look.

That’s like 1k+ Stam packs, Four Fox Steaks! I have 10+ heroes o7.


I have an idea! Let’s just put everything back the way it was. PB can wait for Red rarity to lower the grind.

I understand some of you are very frustrated, but really?! I mean this will positively impact the game in the long run.

I wish I still had O5 stuff. I can’t believe I’m reading some of the stuff written here. Like what are these threats all about, really?!

I think PB had in mind to make the game better. PB has really listened to us about somethings recently and made some important changes. I’m pretty happy overall with that. I think it’s pretty impossible to please everyone, but they make a hell of a run at it.

Please show a little gratitude… Jeeez. Don’t mess it up for us later with your complaints and whining.


I’m not whining, I’m pouting. :unamused:


I have an idea, well, someone else did. Cash for guns. But they could call it scraps for crap.

Now that I’m done with the party I care about - the name - the idea is like this.

Keep it as is, I had another look and it looks way better than it was.

I wonder what the donate value is on them. I hope it’s high, but I doubt it because it’s white items.

Kinda sucks I stopped stopped paying when nonsense was afoot.


Maybe we need more clarification on what Pb did.

Because ive got hundreds of scroll scraps that are now useless, but still need to farm scraps. If i would’ve known that all my inventory was going to be converted into white, i would have used those old scroll scraps to craft the next stage of scrap.
Heres an example of why Im upset…
I had 700 Caribbean scroll scraps, i could have crafted 14 Caribbean scraps. Thats 14 I wouldn’t have to farm.
Basically, because I didn’t craft the Caribbean scroll scrap into Caribbean scrap, they are now near worthless. I could of had more Caribbean scraps, but now i need to farm 14 more to break even, which means at 20% drop rate, or whatever it is, I need to waste several hundred diamonds to break even. And thats just one of the scroll scraps.
Or am I wrong?

I appreciate that you’re still trying to improve the grind, but I now have several days of grinding to get back to where I was before this update.


No just no

You don’t understand so go away :wink:


just doesn’t seem right.


I might be wrong but,… After looking closer, it appears as if Pb changed the old scroll scraps to just regular (weapon) scraps, so if someone previously combined 50 scroll scraps to craft a single scroll, that upgraded scroll is now white too. So i guess, the white scraps are indeed useless and unnecessary, and all new gear is its own new scrap, just with the same name and picture.

Still, it would be nice to get some clarity on this, as it does appear to be insanely confusing. But the compensation still seems off compared to what some people have lost


I think you’ve completely missed their point

We are all in favour of reducing the widening gap between those that spend a lot (myself included) and those that don’t.

The issue here isn’t the recipe changes, it’s the fact that any scrolls and scraps for the items in question that have previously been farmed have been made worthless

This step was, in my opinion, completely unnecessary and I’m struggling to understand why it was taken. I now have thousands of scraps and a number of crafted items that are useless.

I could almost understand it if those item were no longer required, but they are!

I now have to farm them all over again using more stamina, time and money that I’ve already spent

It’s wholly unfair and needs redress


It’s a coding issue, I bet, but I don’t know why these specific white items just can’t be changed to what we currently need… seems… strange.


My point exactly - tho made more succinctly


If they could change the existing scraps into white, why couldn’t they change them into the proper scrap? Or at least give the right anount of scraps as comp?

That is a ton of scraps, which means a ton of stam and time. And i know a lot had more than me.


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Why is a white slitherwhip scroll be offered for diamonds in dragon shop?


Oh boy. I have so many thoughts re: this thread, where do I start?
PerBlue has really lost touch with their customer base. I’ve been playing PQ nearly from the beginning, and although moderators had a tendency to be overbearing at times, PB had a much better understanding of the game they were developing when their employees were actively playing the game. Your customer base has been telling you, over and over again, that the grind and the pace of leveling is too fast. Your solution to the grind is to make certain that the very commonly needed gear scraps obsolete. @Polaris your response that we don’t need to grind for them, shows you’re missing the point. No, we don’t need to grind for the scraps again, you’ve made sure they’re absolutely useless. Instead we have to grind for exactly the same item, that just now happens to have a new icon in the corner.
*** Also - I’m surprised I haven’t seen this issue raised (unless I missed it), but PB, you also gave us a gear contest just days before you made so many parts of those recipes obsolete. Honestly, it made me feel like you just wanted to milk us a good bit before you “help” us out. I found the contest very difficult to do because I was trying to avoid the soon to be deprecated items, but wanted to craft my gear so I could see what I still need to collect.

Your actions and modifications continue to be implemented in a way that will further widen the gap between your f2p/low/moderate spenders and the high spenders. Yes, it is appreciated that y’all are making changes, but considering y’all have figured out a way to merge servers and allow players to consolidate their accounts, I find it hard to believe that there was absolutely no way to convert scrolls and scroll-scraps into just plain scraps. Yes, I understand we can sell for gold or scrips. But the value we sell for, would still be a loss when you consider the value of the stamina used. And the amount of scrips we get, for the amount we have to pay to buy an item, is disappointing, to say the least.

Cap and gear raises should be happening in a timing that is reasonable. PB, are any of y’all parents? Think of the player growth like you would a child. In the earliest years of life, the child grows at a very rapid rate. You can see changes monthly in your child. But as your child nears their teenage years, that growth has drastically slowed down. There’s still growth, but it can’t be at the same rate as when the child was one year old. So if your gear continues with these large scrap requirements that they still do, with the gear rarity raises at the pace they are, you will continue lose the trust of your player base.


In my world it means Quality Assurance but I don’t get involved with game dev


The compensation package was a joke and I do not understand why the staff at per blue do not understand this.


I definitely agree with you on that. Spent countless hours grinding to get the now obsolete items, now bring them back? There are countless players on here that dispensed with those items long ago, now having to dig up old bones for next to nothing? ?