Orange Crafting Changes


I have to be completely honest…
I never noticed what changed… But that’s just because I don’t really pay attention to this kind stuff.
Buuuuuuut… The fact that it does appear to have seriously undervalued people efforts, time and money and was poorly thought out… I’d say a better compensation package is in order. Or something to apologise properly for this wrong doing.

There… I said my bit. I care about keeping, not just my guildes, but the entire player base happy and entertained. Cause without them… Who would read my NoPants recruitment messages :grimacing:

Yours faithfully, respectfully, and NoPantsfully,



I haven’t spent in like 5 months, so the change has benefited me overall. I got to sell all those white scraps for lots of money and don’t have to worry about future crafting as much.


If you want PB to stop flagging your comments, I would suggest reconsidering your phrasing. There is a way to make your point known without giving the devs ammunition to silence you.