Orange traps in the guild shop


I’ve gone into numerous times donated bought everything and have i never came across orange scraps in the gear shop The Guild shop
scraps plenty of the purple scraps but one of my tasks is to buy4 orange stripes can’t do it if they don’t sell them I wouldn’t think


Everything you donate to the guild shop is gone now “destroyed”

Your Commander and leader stock it using guild influence
or you can stock it using diamonds

Everything that is placed into the guild shop has nothing to do what’s donated to it


It may be that your leaders have to upgrade the gear shop so it offers orange items.

At lower levels it just offers purple items to stock.


I needed to collect 4 orange scraps of some sort on my my portal Quest today but the things I seen for sale in there gear section of the Guild’s store were all purple


Always check before taking the quest to prevent a failed quest

Perhaps your leader stocked every available spot with purple stuff
If he did that, then that’s stupid of him

But talk to him about upgrading it, to get more spots/unlocking orange stuff, like Mici said


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