Other language support

Soo. Yeah me again. Just had a slight issue. Nothing major maybe there is a way around it is haven’t found please let me know.

Basically we seem to have a non English speaker in our guild.
Not an issue at all. He’s great. But he’s Japanese im guessing by name and seems he may not fully understand English or other languages using western characters/letters.

Thought I was being clever by using Google to translate English to Japanese but in chat it just shows squares… which I’m sure means it’s not identified by server.

Any chance we could include other characters from other languages?
Feel it might help current game and maybe open it up to other people.


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Screenshot of what I tried to do

Yes please

Also add ÆØÅ

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Tbh, I’ve seen a lot of french people using japanese names, but I’m all for supporting other writing stiles than the latin way…
Hiragana, Kanji, Arabic & so on, need to be supported…

But @Giggles_II most japanese people learn english early on & should be able to communicate with you :wink:

Should be able to… yes
Actually able to? Most likely not.

From experience. Unless you are a developed somewhat westernised country that doesn’t live in a major city. English won’t be high on usual language usage.

Doesn’t mean PB can’t allow other languages/characters to be used.

At worst it’s harder to moderate what people say in global ect ect chat. So I’d probably say just allow it for guild chat for internal comunications but maybe not common chats.

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