Overview: Dev Q & A Session, Guild War - November 30th - December 4th

Hello everyone!

We’ve heard your feedback about Guild War matchmaking. We’ve done a deep dive into the system to find ways to bring it more in line with the experience we’d all like to see from Guild War. We want the system to reward participation and experimentation. We want matches to be varied and competitive at all levels. Currently, the system isn’t achieving those goals as well as we’d like.

Before making changes to the matchmaking system, we’d like to get your input! We know how important Guild War is to the Portal Quest community and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve given regarding it. We do not have a date for these changes in mind yet but we will keep you up to date on the forums as we get closer.

We’re excited about these changes and we believe that this will be a great first step in revitalizing War in Portal Quest! After implementing any changes, we will monitor the data on Guild War as well as your feedback. If we feel that any of these changes are not living up to our expectations, we will roll them back.

The proposed changes are outlined below. You’ll find the details under each link (click on the topic name). Please keep your comments and feedback consistent with each topic.

On December 3rd, we’ll be available on the forum to answer questions and respond to player feedback about the topics from 9 AM CST - 10 AM CST. On December 4th, we’ll be available 15:00 CST - 16:00 CST.

Crown Score Normalization

No Crown Losses

Increased Season Length

Updated Rewards

Swinginess Variable Change



Oh my gosh Samm, is it Christmas already??

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Well some positives here!!!..

Finally a reset of the crowns…:rofl:

Hopefully you all realize you still have to actually win to win the season…


Thanks for finally addressing the issues. I will read through the proposals and feed back.

Did we do anything to fix member non participation and distribution of unused/non-used Attack Points that members don’t use? Like giving Leader ability to distribute all points or collect them after a day of non use?

Now we just need an Alt Amnesty.
Or a Server Merge…

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Ability to spar wars from the previous seasons possibly

Make only the top lineup in each tower visible. Reveal next lineup after the first one has been cleared.

This will open so much possibilities in the defense. Currently all lineups are visible and war can be planned from the beginning… Boring…

Give more crowns for a win depending on number of cleared lineups. Probably a bonus for full clear.

If we put effort to clear the map, this should be rewarded even if the opponent gave up on t1

Give more crowns depending on lineups alive.

If we put a good effort to make an awesome defense, this should be rewarded

Increase the timeout between meeting the same guild. 3 wars is a joke. We only meet 4 guilds this way… Boring… Make it 12. This will give the chance for smaller guilds to meet the big guys and learn… And possibly make big jump


Ranked 9-15 guilds aren’t going to learn if half of their wars are against ranks 1-5…

Likewise, ranks 1-5 will steamroll half their wars against ranks 9-15…

It’s a nice idea…

But no :joy:

They are gonna see metas and defense teams… will not learn only if stupid…

Now and then they occasionally match much higher guilds. They can see all the metas and defenses. Yet they still have no chance. Because a meta on its own is useless. Have to know how to apply it, not throw it around on random teams!

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If only there were practice wars, where they could see which lines the meta worked on.

Oh… Wait…

Aaaannnndddd if they set the defences, the next time a top guild faces them, they’ll see which lines are attacked by which meta anyways…

So then they can just practice timings.
Orrrrrrrrr recruit a burnt out top player.

I’m not the greatest player ever, but I’ve floated around S1 and S8 recruit chat several times recently.
I’ve seen a lot of others.
Heck, my boss at Consistently NVD has picked up several other people that were actual warchiefs in much higher guilds than me.

It’s not rocket science.

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Reduce the freaking cap raises! With double season we will have 2 cap raises every season, and sometimes 3!

I know you want our money, but most people stop playing because you push too hard!


The reason you don’t see weaker guilds climb that much is not that they never face a top 5 guild. The current matching system is random enough to produce quite a few lopsided matches every season - as long as the guild is within like 600 crowns. No, the reason is that when overwhelmed by a top guild they have no clue what to do, no focus! Plenty of guilds can spar a top guild but copy pasting metas won’t cut it. Don’t you already see many intermediate opponents using recognizable metas? Yet when they match a top guild they’ll take out 10 or 20 lines and stall from the sheer number of cleans produced from borrowed lines they don’t understand. After a while there’s just no morale or motivation or resultant effort to improve. Have more of those wars and I think more of those guilds will quit. I remember my alt was in one that faced 6 strong guilds in a row; the primary warchief quit!

I’m not sure why you’re singling me out.
I don’t care.

Turn up and talk to a Dev.

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