Overview: Dev Q&A Session - March 6th - 10th

We’re going to start running some Q&A sessions on the forum to get feedback from players about pre-selected topics. The first round of topics are listed below, with a link to pull up the post itself. These will be open for a set amount of time for you to post your thoughts. Then, members of the PQ Team will be online to respond to any questions and comments.


  • What is your favorite part about War in Portal Quest?

  • Do the end of Season War Rankings generally feel correct?

  • If you could change one thing about War, what would it be?

Bugs and Game Issues

  • What is the most frustrating thing for you in Portal Quest?

  • What part of Portal Quest do you think could use the most improvement?

  • If you could have one thing guaranteed to be fixed or adjusted for the next release, what would it be?


  • Which type of Cosmetic is your favorite (Chat Stamps, Portrait Borders, or Hero Skins)?

  • Are there any themes you wish were added to Portal Quest’s Cosmetics (Mechs, Pirates, Super Heroes, etc.)?

Heroes and Combat

  • Who is your favorite Hero in Portal Quest and why?

  • How do you determine whether or not a new Hero is worth investing in?

  • Would you be in favor of a Twin Trackers rework to reduce the amount of combat bugs in Portal Quest?

Please follow the link (topic name) and post your thoughts and feedback. During the times listed below, members of the Portal Quest team will be online to respond to questions and feedback.

  • Monday, March 9th - 14:00 CST - 14:30 CST
  • Tuesday, March 10th - 9:00 CST - 9:30 CST

Damn, I missed lol tomorrow 9CT it is, coffee in hand.

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I blame Bob

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Someone please say something smart and slightly edgey for me

If we are trying to prevent Corona virus spreading, why don’t we all just stop drinking it?

Also… Edgy*

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Oh - I meant during the Q&A session … while I sleep.

There you go.

Just practicing for tomorrow.

ahhh gotchya.
Did you know the new new new dev chat will be on discord? You better join back in :wink:

Who said I left?

Full disclosure:
I uninstalled because I was never off my phone.
DMs when I’m on my laptop are less disruptive and harder to click into every five minutes.

Right now, all my jobs are done, kids are in bed, and I’m logging in to game and forums to waste a couple of hours where I have nothing better to do.

If I can compartmentalise and not be there all the time, I’ll join.
If I can’t, I won’t.

Like the guild against guild rivalry

Hate the the matchups, one war up against someone twice as strong next against someone half as strong. Need a much better system for matchups - maybe like total guild strength

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