Pack Doubling up


I bought 2 packs “doubling up” and I only received diamonds, but not the rest of the rewards. I want them to give me my money or return the money

Pack doubling mistake

Same here, a few in our guild bought it and only got diamonds


Same here I sent a message to support. Ughh image|281x500


Me too.
Although I wasn’t silly / opportunistic enough to buy it a second time when it clearly didn’t work the first time…


If you attempted to purchase this deal, send an in-game ticket to Perblue. I’ve no doubt they’ll make a statement about this error (refund or compensation) by no later than Monday.


This was an error and has been corrected - for everyone that made a $4.99 purchase for this package, we will get you the correct rewards on Monday. Very sorry for the mistake, it was an error on our part.


Thx Hawknet for the info. The correct rewards as in what we thought we were getting the $19.99 for the $4.99 as a deal?


Awesome solution to a mistake… thanks… and a reminder to always read the fine print


Its already Monday and I havent seen any stamina packs yet, when is it gonna happens guys? Please advice thank you


Lol. They are American.
It’s like 4am now for them.
I’d say about eight hours from now, at least.

If we haven’t heard anything in twelve hours, then start with the whining.

They admitted their mistake.
They’ve said they will honour it.

Chill out.

P.s. when you wrote your post, it was Sunday night still for them.
Just saying.


I bought 2 lots only 1 has come no raid tickets and no diamonds?


I bought more than 2 deals and i only get 2k tickets. My guild mate bought 1 deal and had more raid tickets, torches, and so on in return compare to me. Please fix thid unfairness or refund.


I got no raid tickets at all and still 1 bundle short


We have sent out the event items that were missing over the weekend. If you feel you didn’t get the correct amount, please contact support so they can review your specific issue.