Package deals on different servers

Ok, I admit I have accounts on all 3 servers. But what I am curious about is why does server 1 get like 3 or 4 package deals at once, server 8 gets a few sometime combined and over on server 11, all they get is scraps on Stam and stuff?

I seen deals on server 1 and 8 where get say 4k Stam for $19.99

On server 11, same package, but only 1200 Stam for same price.

Is it me or are they plotting to do another merge deal like server 10 and give lots of goodies or is server 11 the unwanted off spring of the devil?

Just curious others thoughts

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Its because of the leveling scale. It takes more resources to rank up your heroes later on. Server 1 gets better deals because we need them more.

Think of it not in the amount of stuff you get, but how far you can increase your heroes with 20 bucks. Its about the percentage of what it takes increase, not the measurement of movement. These are made up numbers, but say, for 20 bucks you can max out 5 heroes on server 1. If sever 11 got the same amount of stuff, then they would be able to max out 25 heroes for the same price.
I know it doesn’t seem fair, but it actually is.:grin:

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SMH ok may be fair with 11 but BS for 8

Someone said it very well here…

Oh. Wait.
It was me.

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