Paid for nothing

I made a purchase for the chest bundle with the gold chest. finesse focus and fury chests 2 200 stam packs and hero n epic chest n the money wad withdrawn from my account but I dint have my diamond VIP bonus nothing but the money was withdrawn out my account. Sent in my ticketn I’ve done restarted etc… I know yall “BUSY” but the fact I still sint gey my purchase but my money was taken yea what’s up with that. I’m not trying to wait 3 days before I get a response cause it was instantly when my money was taken

Try checking your Mail if you haven’t done so. When those are bought they go to Mail and you claim them from there

I’ve done all that usually a red dot appears but nothing other than arena victories and tournament victories. I’ve even restarted it the n my phone several times.

Take deep breaths, calm down & drink some tea :sweat_smile:

You will get what you purchased, contacting support is always key :wink:
I never had any further issues…
Purchasing the deal, getting my money taken & part of it or all missing…
In the end I never had to wait for over 24 hours to get everything. Just try to be polite, ranting won’t help you after all :yum:

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That would be good thinking if they were of service 24 hours. But if they dont respondbefore theu close shop then I’ll be waiting 24 hours or more. N I could have my money back and put it to good use somewhere else. I’ve sent the ticket n even sent in ss so I’m waiting but I’ll make sure I cover every Avenue in Hope’s I get an actual resolution before they close shop

It’s always about the timing :wink:
If you send a ticket within working hours, you should get a reply on the same day…
Note: There is just 1 CS to look through all the tickets, so sometimes there will be delays, but you will get what you purchased :wink:

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Hope so. Cause I’m also waiting for the diamond for raid tickets