Panda hero! (will settle for owl bear to have a panda hero skin)



Make a panda hero!!

Panda panda panda!!

Do it for Blues :heart_eyes:



Scribble panda :panda_face:





Panda panda




Panda says pleeeeaaase…


Where is Marquess when we need her




My method of constantly talking about pixie heroes took a while lol.

The way forward is to speak to your line alliance guilds chats.
Ask the people in it to change their name to something panda related in game, then change their name in the leader discord .

Meanwhile, you get people on board enough to change their guild name to something panda related for 24 hours / a weekend.

People will need to burn influence for portal lords quests so doing it during that time would work best.

Then you get the people in panda named guilds to submit a ticket asking about panda skins / a panda hero, until sammsquamch and Elliott snap…

I have other ideas @Cottontail but I think I would rather pm about those…

Also… To anyone that was talking about striking because of deals being terrible.
Rather than a vague “let’s stop spending” that no one would either notice / listen to…
You should have done something like this.

Just saying :wink:

Server 4 is going on strike!

P.s. I linked to this post in the hero discussion section of the discord leader chat to help, cotton :wink:





Oooh panda on green thingy looks like is opposite to my haters gonna hate panda… Do they share the same location?? Looks that way to me :rofl:


I haven’t checked my Instagram for so so so long.

Hope I can remember my password.
Aaaannnndddd I haven’t been detached lol




Where is this panda hero! Update please!


Desperately needed. !!!

Panda where are you


Isn’t snow-l-bear the panda?


I enjoy Pandas. While sitting in front of my fireplace on my panda rug, enjoying a bowl of panda stew and looking upon my newly mounted panda head trophy :grin:


That’s creepy & funny :joy: