Patch 1.8 Balance Changes


Wander Woman Balance Changes

  • Reduced Pocket Sand cooldown from 10 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Energy Regen per 5 seconds increased from 26 to 40
  • Increased Base Health from 480 to 525
  • Increased Base Attack from 23 to 30
  • Increased Attacks per 5 seconds from 2.08 to 2.5


Wander’s epic is sooooo good. White blesses everyone in the party and gives everyone an additional 6k AoE damage.

She’s the answer to everyone’s favorite Fox/Oasis line (if she lives long enough, I guess).


I’m not sure where to post this, but after the update, when attacking in the tournament a players total team power is displayed above, not that specific team.


I’m not sure if this was done on purpose or is a mistake. Either way it would be nice to have the individual teams power displayed above like before. Thanks!


Yep, already marked as a bug, Good catch!


And when you want to save a set of characters for the real tournament, they just copy only the one you have on the first line. :slight_smile: