Payment for packages are worse than ever

Hi im always trying to buy new chests in the hopes of some new items for my red plus heros,but my last purchase i paid for the entire guild to get stamina,ive now found out im the leader,& definitely don’t want to be please help me?


Leave the guild? Ask around to find a new leader?

And could we get a little more information about packages being awful please? I don’t understand how that links to being a nice guild member then becoming leader?

Perhaps clarifying the situation, orrrrrrrrr numbering each question that you are asking, so we have a chance to reply.

As for not wanting to be the leader, promote someone else :wink:

Thanks took your advice and promoted someone else to leader,& moved to a different guild,much better,thanks for your comment Hun x :100:

Any time.
Gotta keep hopping until you find a set of guild mates that works for you.

I have moved several times, but I always seem to end up back with Suey and Wiz on S1, and Lola on S8.

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