PB Customer Service


Just a quick shout out to PerBlue for their outstanding customer service. I know sometimes we don’t get the exact answer we want, but every ticket I’ve sent has been answered in a timely fashion and resolved quickly. The account merges went incredibly smoothly as well. I truly appreciate the efforts!


The account merges already happened?


Sorry, I meant the s1/s2 ones


Cute :smiley:



Can’t argue with that post.
Between the support you get from them,
(Albeit between 9-5 Mon to Fri, before people moan about that generic message)
And the leader chat, where ideas are actually listened to, and the sensible ones actually implemented.
Aaaannnndddd even this forum…
This is the most player interactive mobile game I’ve played.
Hence why I’m still here 550+ days later

We miss you in game chat.
Not just for the “why is your name blue?” Comments.

We miss “Boop.” And you’re gone…


Can’t agree more there… and the blues in chat is one of the things I liked most about it.
Even when they held their “Dev Feedback hour” events. They were fun.
Though yeah…a lot of servers to appear on now I guess.


Server one is the best.
Just visit that one.

Oh and the new one for those flipping fortnite flippers…
I forgot how global is poison