PB needs to see this

Why not have auto donate at a guild option. Make it a guild park with 2 level. Lvl one 50% points auto donate, level 2 100% points auto donate. If the guild leaders don’t want to force auto donate then leave the option off and it can still be an individual option.

The whole point of not allowing auto donating to last forever , is to encourage guilds to actually recycle inactives if they want to be competitive.

Perhaps it lasting 7 days, instead of 2 wars would alleviate some of the issues.

Orrrrrrrrr at the very worst, now that people Have left in such numbers, it could even possibly last one season, and need choosing as an option once each reset.

Butttttttt it should always be an individual that presses the button to start with.


I’d be all for having all points for a guild starting in a pool that’ accessible by leadership. In that scenario points would belong to the guild.
As long as the points belong to a player then no other player (regardless of imaginary rank) should be allowed to take them away. Players shouldn’t have that kind of power over each other’s ability to play.


Even as a member of a laid off guild, I never expected a high guild like yours, The Aliens, to have inactive members. (Ik this also applies to other guilds with other inactives)

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I don’t believe anyone said ban accounts after 7 days, they said to not allow leaders to take points from accounts that are 7 days inactive. I see nothing wrong with that idea.
And apparently the auto donate just didn’t work out. That’s part of the reason there are issues with points.

Having guild leadership be able to move members points around has been brought up years ago.
Having auto donate removed and just having all points start in the bank has also been brought up a long time ago.
Both directly to the Devs. Back when they were actively seeking feedback and keeping players in the loop.

This is not the case anymore. No PerBlue employee activity in game chats. No PerBlue Discord server.
Just these forum “Dev Chats” which occur … which to be honest I am not sure how constructive they have been. Nor have we seen any summary or feedback of our feedback (Other than …thanks for the feedback).

Basically … it is great to see people still trying to discuss things to make their PQ experience more enjoyable. But I just simply do not see the level of engagement by PerBlue that I have seen in the past … meaning … it feels like there are bigger fish to fry … things to move on to … and perhaps some of us should too.


The Problem with autodonate is, that it doesn‘t stay active longer than two war sessions. I forget to activate it constantly, unfortunately.

Thanks for the explanation. Still think it‘s a bad idea, though :slight_smile:

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Well if they made it to Challenger then they must be getting the points somehow (maybe auto donate), so that logic wouldn’t really matter, since they already have them.

Id love to rid our guild of inactives, but hard to fill the towers if you don’t have members. Not a lot of people jumping into guilds that are actually active. Ones that we end up getting usually are there because they got kicked for being inactive. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 5th team per member option, with no increase in tower teams. I like the idea of a group of points at once distributed to whomever, but also would like option of taking them back if not used. And with a month worth of battles, the rewards are still pretty lame.

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Yesss this would be so useful. I lead a 35 member guild with Snek Wadda and there’s a ton of members that don’t donate or attack. This would make war so much better.

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By design, auto donate needs you to keep turning it back on.
A quarter of the members in my guild feel the same way that you do. 31 of us have been using it continuously for over 2 months so far, without a single problem. It has always performed precisely as I expected it to…
But, that might be because I don’t have any historical misinformation ; or ; no first hand knowledge of Portal Quest’s development “dead ends” and “u turns”

Why don’t you slightly cynical distrusters of the auto-donate-tick-box, put your doubt to one side. Try using it again? Just try?


It’s all part of the game. Get rid of your non actives and fill with active. Simple as that. Every guild goes thru it’s things, life etc. I wouldn’t appreciate someone controlling my game. The rules are the rules. Get active people.

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