Per Blue, Please Respond to this Request!


I posted this idea before the most recent update. Someone suggested the update would address this issue but it hasn’t. The new update allows you to use one stamina pack(60 stamina). sure I don’t have to jump from screen to screen now but I still have to press + use stamina ,+ use stamina, + use stamina, and repeat about 30 times. So they took jumping from screen to screen away and added an extra button to press to add stamina.
I don’t understand why someone from Per Blue won’t just respond to this request. It’s a great idea and would make the game much smoother to play for experienced users especially. Just add a fill stamina button to the items menu, seems simple…
Please add a “Fill Stamina” button to the items menu. It takes so much time to fill stamina over and over when upgrading heroes. Pressing it over 30 times is daunting. Then I raid and I’m right back to pressing another 30+ times! Adding a fill stamina button would allow us to get 1999 stamina in one click and would make for much smoother game flow. It would also make us dedicated gamers happy!


Probably would use less bandwidth too…


Makes sense to me, just switch out buttons replace add stamina with fill. Eliminates repeatedly pressing button, much smoother transition.