PerBlue please buy back DragonSoul and make it good again


PerBlue DragonSoul hasn’t been the same since you sold it. Please buy it back and make the game fun again :grimacing::joy::clap:


What is Dragonsoul?


The game PerBlue made before this game They sold and then made Portal Quest and more recently Disney Heros. Dragon Soul was a very good game until they left and has slowly gone downhill since.


They sold it to GIE (japan-based company)

The game it dead tbh

But PB sold it for 28 / 35 million dollars :open_mouth:


Yes I want them to resurrect it haha PerBlue are awesome


Please sell DH to that mob that took DS and just focus on the real game that matters… PQ.


Lol Grees Christmas special on DS was a 4.99 gift your guild you get 5 stamina and gifts your guild 1. But then they run along side a deal that costs 9.99 that gets you 12 stamina hahahah. Btw we are at level 160 and went cyan +4 after orange then we are onto red and we are getting those deals within game. You guys are getting hundreds and thousands of stamina lol


Any reacquiring of DS would be fruitless as no actions could give newbies any hope of being competitive let alone catching up! The only saving is for longtimers and whales to become bored and leave the game. None of the above are likely. Playing very very casually is the only reason to continue in the game.


Much like 90% of guilds here on PQ lately it seems


Save it please!


Again it would take an entire revamp of DS. As Suey has said the more p2p a game becomes the quicker it suffers from neglect. So long as whales be whales the owners have no reason to do else!