Permanent Solutions

Any news on the aforementioned “permanent solution” to the elite resets problem? It’s not getting any better, something sooner rather than later would be most welcome! Thanks pb!

We will do our best to get the changes in 5.12. Keep an eye out for patch notes!

It feels like there’s an eye-patch pun to be made here, but I just can’t see it…

A large portion of your European fans are a little confused what you’re saying there @Samm

Over there…
I do not think that [GIF] means what you think it means.

It was all fun and games up to this point :wink:

Edit: yes, I originally said “all your German”.
That was an over simplication / sum of the parts fallacy on my part.
My apologies.

Holland accepts your apologies.

Enough to vouch for my alternative meaning of the “so-so” / “comme ci, comme ça” gif? :wink:

It always makes me giggle when someone says or does that action.
I’m easily amused, I admit.

I like it, though I wish we could see previous edits @ Samm

Stormy would like this to be quick. He has spoken, so shall it be.

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Resets in the shops would be niiiiiice (said in perfect Borat voice)

BTW, what’s a “Stormy”

Permanent solution: stop upgrading every hero on the day it’s released :sweat_smile:

Sitting on 949 resets here, though more like 840 if I need soul/cultist to +2 right now. Just waiting for that to count for score this weekend.

Why does it matter if you’re ranked #4 with the exact same power as #1 and #9? One of those pointless life goals :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: just checked and in top 100 by power with 2 ascendable heroes at +0 plus another penguin at +1. Seems others have the same contest idea.

Permanent solution: stop

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