Person of Interest

Im searching for the old leader of my guild. I forgot his pq name but he was the leader of Log Horizon on Server 9 before passing the role to me. I never sent a friend request I was still learning the game back then. So if you are the person I spoke of please reply.

PM Pixie, Cottontail or Turtle if they don’t know no one does!

I don’t know.
Cotton isn’t on S9.

That leaves @Turtle

I also don’t know his name

Perhaps he left a message or pinned one when he was the leader
I don’t know how long ago he left, but you could still be lucky

Hmmm count me out
I see mici vouched for me already :innocent:

Dang yea I forgot his name but I know it’s not you guys I’d recognize the name if I were to see it. And no he hasn’t pinned a message or anything its been like 4 to 5 months now so I know my chances of finding him are slim… I wanted to try to get a hold of him after the guild has come so far along we were a small guild with a highest level of 70 now we’re at 120 and the top 40 of guilds. But oh well he might not even be playing anymore.