Pesky Contest ranks updates


I was sitting in 250-260 on 2 of my accounts with 5 minutes of the contest left - that’s top 10%. I log back on to collect my Bobby shards and boom im not in the top 25%, and ranked 300+

No bobby shards for me then

PB it is in your interests to either update the ranking more often or tell us where the boundaries are. It’s unbelievably frustrating to spend all that stamina and not get the reward I wanted. The only reason I spent extra when I’d finished the tier rewards was for those shards. It’s in your interest to do this because I would definitely have sunk more stamina in to retain my place



I agree with Specs on this. It was OK to only update the top 220 rankings in real time when the important rewards (mainly hero shards) were only given for top 5% or higher. Now that hero shards are also given for top 10%, I feel like people aiming for those should also get a real time update of how they are doing, and 220 isn’t enough to cover top 10%.

Or just scratch top x% and say rank x to y gets so and so reward, and have real time updates up until the last rank with hero shards.


This is the thing needed most. The rest would be nice, but real time updates are needed the greatest

To put this into context, I had ~100 points. Now I learn that ~50 million points is also top 25%…

I was at about 50 million points after gearing all my heroes sooo basically f’s in the chat because I just could’ve just spent half the stamina for the same rewards

@SueyJitSu need a relevant ‘F in the chat’ or ‘try harder next time GIF please :confused:

If you can’t see why per blue don’t want to release this information after reading this sentence, all the GIFs in the world can’t help you.

How?.. Wha?.. Me?.. Whyyyyyyy?



Applying that same logic…

I would have spent as much stamina as needed to get to that top 10%…

…which, in case you haven’t noticed, is more than I actually did because I thought I was in the right spot

Soooo technically PB missed out

Definitely. Releasing that info would get player to spend more not less. I never bother with contests for that reason. I could invest resources on ad hoc contests if I felt it’s worth it but would not burn stamina blindly without knowledge how much I will actually need. Hate wasting resources.

And yet you continue playing…bit contradictory than that last part, wot :laughing: