Petition to change Silver Saber


She is a blue. Dressed in green. FIX. IT.


No :slight_smile:


You think that’s bad @Harun

Cogmaster is red. But he’s wearing blue denim.


It started with the first ever hero @Harun

Elder mohawk is red
But he’s wearing green too.

They must really not like red heroes…



Even the green heroes are affected @Harun

Have you seen that green ancient siren?

She’s even coloured in red !!!

We should strike , until this is all sorted.


Bird and noob too.
Don’t get me started on twins blue stripes…

@Harun it’s almost as if the colour of the clothes wasn’t supposed to be a reflection of their faction.

But… Surely that’s just crazy talk…


It gets even worse when you look at those bonus skins @Harun

Wtf is happening here???


They’re are just taking the mickey now @Harun


Orrrrrrrrr… Mayyyyybe I am.

Who knows, @Harun. Who knows?


are you ok?


It’s just…
So many colours don’t match @Turtle

@Harun has seen the light

How have we all been so blind???


Are we blind
Is PB color blind


Pixie, you know those people who think they have something smart to say but in reality are talking a bunch of nonsense desperately trying to come off as funny slash interesting while at the same time completely dismantling the already watered down, sad attempt of the said joke because they are incapable of grasping the concept of wonderful subtlety that makes sarcasm and or irony an efficient tool for ridicule?

Anyway, Cog is a red haired mechanic wearing a blue mechanic jumpsuit. Mohawk has red eyes, Noob has a blue belt and Birdie has red-brown tones with a redish amulet. Twins are 2 different guys, how are you gonna be able to tell who is who.
Siren can’t be a green octopus cuz lawsuit and besides…

…and others are skins. As in, deliberate aesthetic applications whose goal is to change the visual and mental perception of a certain object.

If you were in a forest the sound of crickets would be exchanged for the sound of the mic being dropped right about now. I wonder if you could hear it.


1st Pixie is funny
2nd “Siren can’t be green because lawsuit” lol
3rd Google does a good job helping you :slight_smile:
4th You’re a Pepega


But why is this important for you?
It’s one of the most useless things I have heard today


I have to say, I am mildly impressed by your ability to keep quiet for a whole day. Though you disappoint me for hiding behind memes rather than speaking your mind.

So, all in all, you are back to being a figurative and literal non-factor. As such, I do not care to justify myself to you in any way other than maybe, potentially ‘just cuz’. I still have not deicided on that.


I find the shift in presentation, vocabulary and grammar from your initial post to your responses to be the most interesting part of this thread.

Well played, good sir / madam.
Well played.


Oh @Harun

I forgot the tag


Harun you’re not a good person :slight_smile:

Have fun