Pfffft stamp. For that fluffalicious lady


A Fluffy Pfffft stamp should be coming soon right?? :sunglasses:
You know it’s fluffys catchphrase and where would we be without her?
Sparkle pony would be lost without fluffy and tbh we all know she’s an awesome part of what makes pq awesome

Just a stamp will do
You know you want one too

@OhRlyeh @Etesian

Let’s do it for fluffy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


A Fluffy pffffttttttt stamp to be precise :blush:
Thank you Fluff💜


I love your display pic :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

And edited to fluffy pffft stamp too :innocent:


Love it

We need it


A fluffy stamp?




She is my Fluff


I will spend a gazillion diamonds for a Fluff