Phoenix Fire is recruiting


Hi there.

Pheonix fire is in need of level 50+ members that like to be in an activeand friendly guild. We added 5 new spots recently so if you want a guild that is active in war and chat, join Phoenix Fire. We do our best while hving fun.


We are currently at full capacity. Thanks for reading!


HaD To TyPe MoRe YaY


Wanna open a can of Whoop-ass?
Phoenix Fire is active & well-organized. Our leader is friendly, helpful and hands-on in the way she leads us to victory – Top 50 last season.

Play to WIN with a great group of people.
Min Team Level 70. Apply NOW!


Ya know, that min. Team lvl just makes me leave immediately… :grimacing: :grin:


Yes join Phoenix Fire it’s the best guild in the game (I believe from experience :joy::joy:)


Wow, so you’ve been in every single guild on every server, just to make this comparison?

That’s some crazy dedication.