PL high tier raid rewards replaced with... Scrips?


Why oh why have you removed raid tickets for the higher tiers in PL contest?! The low tier raids remain, but getting the higher tier n higher value raid reward was great for those who have stam packs and are budget players. Not only did you change stam packs to stamina to force not saving, you replaced raid option with…scrips?!! Come on guys, think for your whole community please.


Agree, I was looking forward to PL solely for the raid tickets. Also if one dragoon shard is worth 4000 script, who would pick 7500 script over 15 dragoon shards?

Can’t even use stamina packs without manually fighting since I’m always out of raids


Omg, they took out Stam packs, putting the stamina into a bank? Damn, that is a low blow…

Raid tickets too… I’m in agreeance here.


PB keep saying that they are considering the f2p guys but their actions show otherwise.
I just can’t see why they’ve done this I’d not to hurt the free players.