PL quests/endless/arena/tournament apects

Maybe it’s just me. But especially this PL there seems to be a LOT of endless shrine quests.
Which yes are easy to complete if you aren’t already deep into endless.
Xxxx shrine buffs which I know I won’t ever complete unless I reset endless (which I shouldn’t have to do). As I already gained max buffs for the endless.

I get that others can take up the quest and complete.
The problem is the amount of endless shrine buffs offered that I know my guild tend to ignore because unless you reset endless they can’t be completed.
Again… it’s not the quests in general but the frequency of the endless shrine quests.
Yes I know we can refresh quests but not enough to rid of the crap ones.

Added to this we also keep getting defeat (insert aspect) player Xxxx times in areana/tournament.

These quests are not really feasible on a server where top guilds all go for same aspect.
Example. I’m on and off on challenger but all top players above me have voted same aspect for PL(to get addition reward)
If my guild is finesse and we get 3 or 4 quests asking to defeat players who went fury. It’s not really possible as I’d be lucky to find 1 person whether arena or tournament to fight.

Just a bit of feed back but I think the quests offered should contain LESS endless shrine buffs and LESS defeat Xxxx aspect in arena/tournament.
And maybe more spend Xxxx resources/defeat Xxxx bosses etc etc

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Agreed. I find the arena ones to be incredibly troublesome. Not fun when your guild voted with the majority aspect.

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