Placed 2nd in royal tournament but didn't promote


I recently place 2nd in royal tournament but was denied being promoted. I know that the person in 3rd place was promoted because we are in the same guild. I have sent 3 messages to the PQ team but still haven’t gotten a response.




Thanks for your patience and I’m sorry about the delay. We were experiencing problems with tournament, but have since corrected the problem.

We are very sorry about any inconvenience this issue caused. Please let me know if you need any additional assistance.

Thank you for playing!


You do see that you both had the same points, yes?

Was that on purpose to see what would happen?
Because I guess you just found out.

Technically nothing wrong here.
The people with the highest score, and the next score down got promoted.


Exactly same amount of points, cool and weird and probably he pushed you out and this is just a visual glitch


If he hit those points first, PB usually defaults to who hit the points first for tie breakers