Players level of power

I would like to know…,
What level do you need to be to start the guild war queue?

and why is there no specification as to whether this is an individual or guild contest ?

A couple requirements need to be met before you can queue for Guild War.

  • First is that your Team level must be level 30 or higher to even access Guild War
  • Next is that your Guild must be Guild Level 2, unlock this from Perks in your Guild Menu
  • Then you need to have at least 9 other Members (10 total) in your Guild who are also Team Level 30 or higher
  • After that, each of your Towers and Keep need at least 1 line-up in them
  • When all that is done you can queue for War
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@Major_Action_VII didn’t answer my question. What level of member in a guild do you have to be to start a War.
If I just joined a guild could I as a member queue for war?

Sorry about that, you would need to be a War Chief or Higher to Queue a Guild for War


War chief and up

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Also it’s probably individual contest, as it doesn’t say you and your guild in description.

Aaaannnndddd the targets are far too low for 40 people…



And far too high for one :sunglasses::wink:

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Only need 45,600 purple or orange items

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