Players levels 110 ? (server 1)


Hello ,

May someone, tel me how some players are already 110 on server 1 ?
We can only earn Xp from daylies, isn’t it ?
And the update is recent

Thanks for helping

  • Spending money
  • Huge amounts of stamina

(You can earn team XP from fighting in the campaign as well (1 :zap: = 1 team XP).


Thank you, I didn’t know


*Double normal campaign drop item
*Double normal campaign gold drop item
*50%+ xp campaign drop item
*Hundreds of stamina packs
*Thousands of raid tickets
*An hour (or so) of free time

You get your needed items for your heroes, xp for your team level, and additional gold/hero xp.

People save their items weeks in advance for this moment. I’m waiting to see what next contest is before I use mine :slight_smile:


Yes for sure ! Nice tips , I m waiting for the next contest too.


FYI, 1250 stam packs equals 5 team levels.


I’m one of the ones who will grind for 110… but not until this weekend. Knowing PQ… they’ll run either a XP/Coins contest this weekend, or a energy contest. These guys pushing to be the first for level 110 are just shooting their wad early.


So many inappropriate comments I could make…


In the end, the game want it ^^ . Pay 2 win is a little part of the PQ earn


Little part??
You meant to say “the whole reason for their continued existence” but were too polite?

Fixed it for you :wink: