Please conform a systen

Please make this game more fun and less work. It takes me hours to level up heroes. I have to promote them, equip items, level their skills, and the the worst thing is adding all the heroes essence. Can you form a system that would make the actions quicker instead of dreading the hours of leveling up my “82” hero’s! U totally love this game but I hate when we have to level up.

P.S. I’m not the only one complaining.

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Autocraft, max skills, max essences… it’s a lot better than it was to be fair…

But they have systems in place?
Automaxlvl, auto gear, auto raid, auto equip and auto level essences.
Yeah skilling is still more than one button press but that’s literally it.

If a player has resources for let’s say groups of 10-100 hero’s to be upgraded in one fell swoop then in theory they can implement an upgrade all with a drop down menu to include those variables

One press all done and dusted :wink:

I honestly find the QOL changes that PB made, to be a happy medium between spending forever clicking buttons, and accidentally upgrading more than you wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, the max skills buttons ruin the ability to check if all your heroes have max honour skill without scrolling individually to check.
That layout change is annoying.

But, I would rather have to scroll once or twice a month to check honour skills, than be sat cursing that the “promote all heroes I can” button used the last of my ol’ items to max out storm wizard or the penguins before my Valkyrie …

That’s my problem with auto promote to max.
Everyone has different meta.
How would the AI decide which heroes with the same needs, got the items first?

Just do it in order, from strongest? Pity poor punk wisp alchemist…


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