Please put xp botles for gold


Hello, I have many useless xp bottles. But I do not have gold, I need you to be able to sell those bottles for gold. Because those bottles are very useless when you have all the full xp herues. I need to be able to sell the xp bottles as in dragon soul. Thank you


I await your response developers


You will need the xp soon enough, so don’t wish for that :confused:


Selling it, no way man

There is a new hero every week.

Don’t worry you’re only a s9 player

So you haven’t seen those 100 other heroes yet, that your server doesn’t have right now


I used to have millions of xp… now I need them constantly. Especially after 100+ and new heroes coming every 3-4 weeks. Hoard them and spend during xp contest :slight_smile:


No you need them