Please start offering more types of bonus purchases. The ones on ten are too limited and expensive. Grapevine says more will quit soon without that and other stuff


We still don’t have a good way to get boss keys either. If I had known they’d disappear at a specific level, woulda slowed down. About level 150, any surprises there? And will Portal Lords appear on Server 10?


Server 10 is fairly new, so deals will be less than other servers

Portal Lords will be on Server 10


No, they don’t disappear… You can find 3 keys per day without favor… If you find a boss key, use favor on it & get 3/4/5 keys, well that’s it for the day + the key you get for your daily quest…


Why should new equal less?


Because new servers have a lot less stuff like heroes, campaings and a lot other things

Also leveling up or upgrading a heroes skill cost a lot less than doing that on one of the old servers.
It’s the same “amount”, in a kind of way, if you look at it, that’s fair, for everyone

Older servers need a lot more stuff to do anything than newer servers


But every update the deals will be bigger
Because the server gets bigger with more stuff to do


I just got notice that this site isn’t secure… hacked…info stolen Now they tell me… Geez…what next


Ok and?

You haven’t published any personal information

or anything that breaks the GDPR law


Like any other http site, rather than Https you mean?


Also… Server economies are very different

Server one.

600k experience per level. For 67 heroes.

Items that cost nearly 4 million gold to attach.
And every single hero needs one.

Meanwhile server ten was at level 75 cap when you posted.

34k experience per level
For around 40 heroes? Maximum.

And those gold costs are a bit nicer too…

Tell me again why there should be stacked deals
Trust me, when server one was level 75 the deals were as bad, if not worse


before anyone starts , yes I know tempest isn’t on server ten.

They are my only level 75 hero, and are at purple +3 level, so the numbers and items are correct, even if the hero isn’t


For example:
Look at the deals we had on S1 when we were orange rarity…


Awww…c’mon :wink::grin:


Hahaha very funny