Poll: How Many Players Have All Heroes


Just wondering as I have almost all but two. Received three in last contest. But as long as they stay in their cells I’m fine. But have to ignore the red dot and I really hate dots because you just want to get rid of it. Lol


Have you considered using the poll function?


I have, I even have most of them fully maxed, so no red dot for me :slight_smile:


I have all of them. Thankfully, no red dot mania here.


Just got turtle from contest rewards, so yes.
I’m set.
Still some stars and levels and gears to go though lol


Probably around two or three players


I have them all. O6 gear and 5 stars


I still can’t seem to find the light post hero from ch1. I went through over 1000 Stam packs and countless elite reset consumables, and still haven’t gotten a single shard.


Uh don’t think there a lamppost hero


There’s supposed to be one. They promised. :sob::sob:


They promised me a pixie hero :frowning:


They promised me a Warkini skin :sob::sob: