Poll: How many torches do you usually have?

  • None. I burn 'em if I got 'em.
  • 1-500. I just can’t build a stash
  • 501-1000. I use just enough to avoid wasting my daily allotment.
  • 1001-2000. Who has time to use torches as fast as they come in?
  • 2001-5000. I buy extra torches just in case.
  • 5001+. I am the torch king!

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Use too many… Spend too many tokens and gems to get them… The list goes on


6721 torches


5000+, but I am pretending to be triggered by your use of a gender specific pronoun.


11k torches on s1. I know I should hang my head in shame.


What should I do? :wink:


Mici! Woooooooooow!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:



OK just my personal opinion if you have 11,000 touches then you should be grinding all your dungeon build up Influence for your guild. Get all your gear you need to lv up your hero’s. Or able to donate it to guild shop .


8000+ right now, no time to spend and I do like dungeon :joy:


I won’t post the guild perk screen.
Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:


Maybe I should explore those dungeon things…
I might use a few of them lol


Maybe :rofl::joy::joy:

Maybe dungeon is just overrated and you knew that all along?! :wink::joy:


I don’t have enough just like I don’t have enough raid tickets lmao.


Dungeon is a great way to get those rare items you need to build up your gear, and you can get diamonds to if you use favor on 100 diamonds you get 200-500 and with 2x chest drops you can get 1000 diamonds, and for dailys you just do 1 floor your done. Not hard to do. And if your doing quest for portal Lords and it says use 20 touches skip 5-10 lvs and you win.