(Poll in comments) Daily scrip increase to 8000+ please


3000 scrip is 6 elven last resort or beestaff full gear items donated. (each is worth 500 scrip)
As I and many others have umpteen thousand of many items in storage we never use and earning scrip is deadly slow, can we have the daily cap upped to suit the progression we all hope for.

For example I’ll show a few of the mad numbers of gear/scraps I have that would be wasted in high number donations…

Only donate for scrip as shop is max level for xp… Anything over 3000 scrip is waste. But most items I’d like to buy are 4000 scrip (hero shards)

Make the cap to 8000 and I and many others can buy 2 hero shards per day 14 per week is faster then the progress we currently have of 5 hero shards per week

  • Yes I would like to earn more scrip per day
  • Happy as it is

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I’d rather see things cost less, too.


I think making it where we can buy one decent item a day isn’t asking too much.

I don’t even use the guild shop… sigh


This depends on what server you play, for s1, it needs a higher cap, for s8, we’re fine


S8 would still benefit from the currency being revalued


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I agreed. Or higher the donation or even better lower the cost.

Because higher the donation range will benefit more P2P player.

The option of lower the prices will benefit all player


the idea of guild members being able to trade the extra items they dont need to other guild members is great…the way pb went about it is way off…should not cost so many perks just to open a shop & not use…then even more perks to get nothing…complete waste of time


Think that is sufficient voices heard to make a change to scrip daily amount


Another reason scrip needs increasing

I need around another 38 pingu shards to make 3rd crystal… Then maybe another 300 to max epic
Costs like this are lacklustre hence why I won’t spend the scripScreenshot_20181213-153214


Can we have a guild shop scrip donate daily?

I keep forgetting.



You may as well redo the poll. A large chunk of the F2P who voted to keep it as it is because they can’t get 3k scrip each day (for this feature originally intended to help F2P players) are probably gone.


Hahahah a screw f2p… Sorry but that’s harsh… And to the truth…
If we all had forewarned knowledge of what was to come in pq… No one would’ve rushed cap raises… Spent resources…
We wouldve all hoarded like God’s to save for these moments in pq future…
S1 was the benchmark… S2 was the platform for release…
Any other server Should’ve Ben able to fathom the difficult times we had on 1 and 2… And made appropriate choices to hoard the right stuff ready for all this…

I know I did just that…
Smartest free players don’t need to spend to stay relevant… They just need to accumulate enough to make a giant leap in one weekend… There is no grind there is no effort… You save you splurge you win…

Spending everything daily and getting no where is for those out of the loop…
Hoarding is how all whales stay ahead…

I’m no whale but I hoard like a trooper just because I’ve seen it all before
Save save save save every last item every last stamina refresh…

So what you fall behind on a cap raise… You wait till next one and you’ll steam ahead easily after all the kinks in game have been fixed.

Hoarders always win in pq that much has been apparent since day one :wink:

Sorry for sounding arsey but I’ve had a drink but that’s all truth and reality for pq


I hope you don’t forget to share your opinion with any F2P guildies and friends you may have. Regardless of how nice a F2P player may be, you’d apparently be much happier if they all went away.


Yes I’d like to get more for scraps but also would like it to be cheaper


I’d rather have them… But complaints about the grind are benign.
As stated hoard everything for months then make one big leap with all those resources

I know many 140 players with loads of red heros who still have vip level 4.
If they can do it so can everyone else


It’s ridiculous, you sell something for 4 scrips, then to buy the same thing it’s 1000/2000 scripts. Why not just let people swap what ever they want within a guild, or max out the difference to 20x what you sell it for??? Or is that being too generous, t


Poll reopened just because I can :joy::joy:

Add more votes if you can

Guild shop scrip

Here’s a tip for everyone: Purple scrolls (the ones that only require 20 scraps) give the best return when it comes to scrip. They give out 415 scrip each, meaning you can get 2905 by donating 7. These include Hangry Hatches and items like them (anything that isn’t in-demand like bees or beard flutes, which aren’t scrolls anyway).

The next best are the blue scrolls, which give you 20 scrip each. Anything aside from stale biscuits (which are surprisingly in-demand) should work here

I always donate 7 purple scrolls and 5 blue scrolls to fulfill the daily requirement. If you don’t want to feel like you’re wasting money, craft this stuff en masse during the next gold/exp contest.