Pomocy mam problem


Pomocy takie coś mi wyskakuje i niewiem co z tym zrobić… Cały czas pisze ze problem z APP niewiem co mam zrobić nie mogę walczyć


Tried to google translate that

But try to play the game with 4g, sometimes the wifi can shitty

Edit: I hope you can understand english


Google Translate gives me this:

Help is something that pops up to me and I can not do anything about it … All the time I write a problem with the APP I can not do what I have to do I can not fight

That’s a little too vague to do any troubleshooting, though.


Maybe it’s the invalid loot message?


Nie mogę walczyć, cały czas problem z “error, restartu app” nie wiem jak temu zaradzić


try uninstall and reinstall app


Probowałem parę razy


Send a ticket ingame to PB, let them fix it


Jak to zrobić


Jak to wysłać?


Open Game
Click avatar, top left
Look at the bottom
A buttom named Support, press it
Pick a random topic
Look at bottom of that topic
There is a message saying something like “Did it help you” something like that
Click no
Then it will say start a conversation
there you can do it

Ps info for Jenni and Pixie
It’s not top right bottom, when they never did it before,
The buttom only appears when you have sent a ticket before
Learn it plz :slight_smile:


Zrobiłem to wczoraj i nic. A z jakim emailem wysłać wiadomość? Ja wpisywalem swój.


you don’t have to use a mail
But if you sent a ticket
PB (support mod) will take a look on it, when they work, currently this is outside their work period