Portal Lord Quest situation

I wouldn’t call this a bug or glitch. But two of my guild mates have accepted a Rare Quest esch., For 1,470 score for the both. They were, "6,000 Score in Royal Tournament on Focus Assigned… And other the exact same except on Fury aspect Assigned. They grabbed the quests. Which had a 6 hour duration before failure. But at the time, Royal Tournament was being tallied, and wouldn’t be back up and running for 8+ hours. We are currently light in numbers too. So 3k score robbed because of something they knew nothing about or had any knowledge. So many players would end up in the same situation because they wouldn’t know. Is there any way the players can be reimbursed +1 quest chances each. Or 2,940 score added to our guilds total score? Another player also failed an Epic quest, purchase 60 Orange items from the Guild shop. But failed because the game server was down. Longer than the quest duration. If you awesome devs can compensate with the lost score which was forfeit because of server downtime. Or a quest chance returned. Ty. Even if it’s a done deal. You’re still awesome devs!! I always mention how you care about the community more than how much you make, and are obviously mmonor action rpg gamer’s… that took all the worst things in order games, and made this without any of them… and with such a even balance in hero capability. Every hero is great… at least. Good. Whereas most games… you will have majority running the same 5-8 toons, classes, jobs etc. And the rest neglected.

Grabbing a quest they couldn’t complete does suck but it falls into the same category of every other quest doesn’t it? Check to make sure you can actually complete it before you take it. It’s not a hardship to look at the tourney to make sure it’s still open (and that it has the right type of players) before taking the quest.

Failed quests because of the server outtage is another story entirely but I feel like on the first issue, the answer is to just have folks be more careful in their quest selections.

This has happened to me.in the past a few times. Very annoying.
I also made a post about freezing quest countdown timer when servers are down.
Seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

As for tournament the only.way around.it is.to check tournament before accepting quests…
Pain in the bum I know.

Other suggestion would be a prompt when choosing a quest such as the tournament quest…

Such as before you confirm quest a small pop up would appear stating xxx time left before tournament ends…

Or having a small timer above or next to certain quests showing when tournament/fortress ect is due to reset.
Would save time going back and forward checking.

But seems PB doesn’t like ease of use so wouldn’t expect them to implement any of that.

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