Portal Lord Quest Suggestions


PL has been out for a while and while rewards have been tweaked some, quests have not. Before quests become stale, how about suggesting some ideas for new quests. Also, what quests do you like/hate? Would anyone miss war quests if they disappeared?

Portal Quest Improvements List 21.10.18
Portal Quest Improvements List 26.11.18

Hit Keep Three Times!


Great idea for a topic!

I, personally, love the dungeon quests! Specifically, the go so many floors, open so many chest, or something along those lines. I already need to be in dungeon so those fit my needs pretty well. They take time, but I’m already there.

I would not shed a tear if the war quests were removed. They tend to be ill-timed. We have them when we aren’t in war. That’s a tad bit frustrating. (especially if you have been waiting for the next quest to pop up with your finger over the button for a hour lol). Tournament quests sometimes fall in this category, but there are not as many of those quests so it doesn’t impact the PL event as much.

As for new quests, I’ll have to think about that one. I’ll post something in a bit on it.


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I was actually thinking of creating a general thread for PL, so this is perfect.

Annoying Quests:

First of all, quests should scale with the total power of the guild. Much of the following is about that point.

  • I’m in a guild in which the strongest person is level 94, the second strongest is level 74. We get a disgustingly high number of epic dungeon quest. I’m constantly dismissing epic dungeon quests (the level 94 feels that epic quests not worth many points aren’t worth it, so those are dismissed as well); after cooldown, those slots frequently generate more epic dungeon quests. Even in guilds with higher levels, many epic quests are dismissed. I don’t think I have to explain why this is undesirable.

  • Lower-leveled guilds can’t complete quests in higher chapters. Higher-leveled guilds don’t want to complete quests in lower chapters (not normal mode at least; elite might be okay).

  • Lower-leveled guilds would prefer different crusade and boss dungeon difficulties than higher-leveled guilds.

  • Higher leveled guilds don’t want as many limited dungeon buffs (lock pick, energy gen, divine affinity, trap sense)

Other Stuff:

  • Spending diamonds should be worth more considering the value of diamonds.

  • The 31-flag and 28 flag fort quests are extremely difficult. Working together as a guild to complete them, while possible,is highly unlikely and jeopardizes the completion of fortress. Either these quests need to be removed or they need to offer way more points.

  • Attacking the keep multiple times isn’t feasible.

Quest Ideas:

  • I’ve heard people say that PL should have more cooperation, so how about guild quests? War Chiefs and higher can select a guild quest from a separate menu. The quests themselves can be variants of existing quests (or the newly suggested quests) with higher requirements (perhaps epic could assume that 30-ish guild members work together). It’d sorta be like a mini contest. Each person would have 2 quests running at once; their individual quest and the guild quest. These guild quests would obviously be worth a lot more than individual epic quests.

EDIT: Quests specifically specifying the usage of [own aspect] heroes in various game modes. .

  • Defeat one arena team aligned with [other aspect] using 5 heroes of [own aspect]

  • Complete X Crusade battles using 5 heroes of [own aspect]


I really enjoy the fortress quests since they are one of the few quests that do require teamwork. Obviously for higher level guilds, this will be easier I guess, but I’d be very disappointed if those went away.

I love the idea of more team driven quests though. I’m trying to think of some within the current parameters of PL though. Besides war, there’s really not many team oriented game modes.


Yeah, more team driven quests would be nice. War quests can turn into a team effort, but it is a bit hard to change a good war plan against a hard enemy just to "hit T3 3 times, or donate 30 ap… I don’t know of any active high level guild that has someone sitting on ap like that.


Other than tournament quests popping up when tournament isn’t even running, a major issue with the quest is the lack of a certain faction most tournament groups. Historically, the vast majority of guilds choose a certain faction, a much smaller group of guilds choose another, and then the last faction has barely any guilds in it. It would be nice if the tournament quest wasn’t so faction based.

  1. I wouldn’t mind if war quests went away.
  2. i would love a sort function for type of quests (all endless dungeon quests together regardless of points or rarity, all epic dungeon quests together, etc. ). I usually am looking for specific types i can complete.
  3. being able to select multiple at once. (Torch burn, room explore, chest open quests should be able to stack and complete at same time.). This would save players tons of time and frustration. We already have a cap on # of quests. Might as well complete them quickly.
  4. the quests list jumping to top every time one appears is really, REALLY, annoying when I’m trying to look for one. I wish the list would only refresh when going into the list or at players request.


Doing multiple at same time would be great!

  1. Removal of impossible quests examples: War related quests when there isn’t a war, tournament quests in between tournaments Beat x (insert aspect) heoros in the area when than many don’t exist

  2. Having more epic and rare quests

  3. Tweak to the diamond cost for additional quests 100 diamonds for 1 is high

  4. More shop quests

  5. Player history- ie how many successful vs failed quests that stretches beyond the current event

  6. More do x damage to (insert aspect) heroes type quests that can be left ticking along in the background whilst completing the dungeon/tournament


I was thinking more about what Oasis said regarding guild quests. I really like that idea. Basically you’d earn points for pl like you do for guild contests. Over a shorter duration of time than guild contests though.

Other ideas I’ve heard (or thought up):

  1. Quests involving epic gear/skills
  2. Boss dungeon quests for dragon
  3. Collect gold
  4. Equip a crystal
  5. Use a specific skill like bless or curse a number of times.
  6. Use a stamp in chat
  7. Hire a hero in crusade

I’d like to see less of the wasteful quests involving running normal or elite campaign on useless chapters.


Let’s not forget the promote (insert aspect) hero x times … the gear grind is still painful and uses up a lot of resources for anyone who may still have heroes that meet the requirements for this quest.


They need to fix the skip 100 floors quest. It’s not possible to do at one time, and would take a lot of planning to accomplish. So allow players to skip 101 floors or change the quest to skip 70.


I had this argument with per blue over the five boss keys quest.

Thread is back there somewhere.

The answer will come back that epic quests are epic.
Reset your dungeon before portal Lord’s starts.
Don’t go more than 40 floors down.
When this quest comes up…
Skip to floor 70.
Reset dungeon.
Skip to where you need to, to finish quest.

If you are past floor 40, or don’t have a refresh…
Don’t take the quest.


We have been getting impossible quests on Server 9 that are related to the crystals. We don’t have crystals on S9 so how are we supposed to to those quests?

Also we just got Epic Dungeon and I found that 80% were Epic Dungeon quests. It will take time for people to get up to speed first. So please only have quests that are possible for the majority of the people