Portal Lords abuse prevention

I suggest a guild’s PL score is the sum of their 640 highest scoring quests rather than all their quests. This will limit abuse of the system.

This has not yet been a problem, and the 640 cap may already be in place, but if extra quests do change the outcome of PL, there will be 40 very unhappy accounts.


100 diamonds is two days worth of sign in bonuses.

Save them up and run an extra quest if you are that bothered.

Get good

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Purchasing the extra quest allows for 16 quests to be completed over the course of PL. 16x40=640. If everyone in a guild buys the extra quest, takes the highest scoring quests possible, and don’t fail any, they could still theoretically lose to a guild who takes advantage of unintended features.

Purchasing the extra quest is not optional when competing for top spots.

I apologise.
I was not (and am still not!) Aware of any people or guilds getting more than the alloted amounts.

Certainly on my four accounts, I and all my four different sets of guild mates only got 16.

Which server did this happen on?
Next time please maybe make it clear what went wrong, so I don’t look so silly…? :wink:


For a change I find myself agreeing with you Mici. You can only buy 1 extra quest for the whole period of PL. If Zathros has found a way to get more I hope he shares it

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I wouldn’t point an exploit, but this seems to be working as intended.

Day 1 of PL, player 1 does 4 quests and quits the guild. His alt joins.

24 hours later, his alt can do 4 quests. Swapping out alts this way can yield 20 quests per character slot. It takes dedication, and there is a downside of not all characters getting all rewards. I don’t recommend doing this, but it is a way to increase your guild’s score.

Wow. People really overthink this piddly little pay to win mobile game.

Surely there’s more important things in their lives that they could focus their attention on?

Bless them.

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Here is a 15 page article on how to boil eggs. I read the entire thing. Of course I overthink PL.

Ironically, Portal Lords is one of the least pay-to-win areas of the game. I’m not sure how that came up.

And there are, in fact, more important things in my life. I overthink those too. If I didn’t have as many important things going on, I’d probably be playing a more time-intensive game.


Because it’s my go-to insult for this addictive thing that I can’t put down.

It’s a game where nearly every single roadblock to progress can be solved with a microtransaction.

It baffles me that people faff around with the edges of what is possible, looking for ways to game such a system.

Particularly when it possibly ends up with a few people having a shinier border and one or two extra chests.

Pity the poor alts :frowning:

Yeah, I’m not clicking that :slight_smile:

Reading this it seems to get any advantage in pl you’ll get a serious disadvantage in war… Imo let them use the exploit, they deserve the win with that kind of dedication

You would do your hits, and swap out during the war phase, which would cost your account the war rewards.

This would mean the alt would go through it’s lockout period during the war day off, then be eligible for the next war as normal.

Surely , two days before PL, player 1 should swap in their alt?
Then (after hitting or donating in war) they should swap alt out and their main in, to get the rewards on their main.

I’d say it’s worse than that. Mid way through PL (more than 24 hours before end), swap out a single main for any number of guildless alts, each alt buys and completes a quest and collects progress rewards, then leaves for the next alt; at the end of the cycling, main joins back, alts join random guilds, everyone collects PL season rewards. Some top guilds already have a few alts for war. All the work is in timing and coordination and having access to same server alts.

Still think that anyone wanna do that deserves the win, lol… Congrats on the rewards :sweat_smile:

Agreed lol.
Tier rewards for PL is the gold mine of rewards. Just like war season rewards, the PL end of event rewards are not worth that kind of effort lol.

24 hour lock out exists for reasons exactly like this.

We once observed a competitor swap in 5-10 accounts during the last hour of PL. Lockout is based on leaving, not joining, a guild (so I wrote guildless :wink:). Switching that would remove most of the abuse potential, now that you mention it.

That is a very good point.

Pity the poor alts that get no rewards , swapping out in last 24 hours…

Unless they started in a guild and left after doing quests in first day and stayed guildless for the rest of PL , before boosting the numbers.

Then theoretically they could rejoin the original guild, and after a day collect their progress rewards?

They were active in that PL…
Let me know, people that do this, if that would work

Easily solved if the PL points leave the guild with the member who leaves the guild