Portal Lords Claiming Rewards

I have been dealing some few members, who only do at least 1 quest in Portal Lords just for them to collect the entire rewards of what others have been working hard on. Can the system of reward claiming be change, as it is unfair for members who did all their chances and some just do 1 quest and still benefit of getting them. My suggestion is they can only claim rewards once they completed their chances for the day but sometimes they pick quest and just abandoned or failed it. So must have particular scoring, like you can only claim if you score 1000 a day. Might be fair enough for people doing their best. What you all think? :smirk:


We had this topic before :joy::joy::joy:

It is like it is, even though I don’t like it :sweat_smile:

Seems it’s a guild issue and not event issue.
Get the whip out n get cracking. Or a pointy stick also works.
Other motivational tools are available


If they aren’t meeting guild requirements (PL, fort, war, check-in) then kick 'em. If they aren’t meeting requirements but you need their teams for war towers then that’s on you.


Kick them before it ends.
Orrrrrrrrr… Lump it.

They participated.

You let them in your guild.
You kept them in your guild
So they get guild rewards.

Recruit better players?


Estoy contigo

Gracias :slight_smile:

Well, im just hoping there is other way to claim rewards. You cannot kick them right away on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th day of the event because some players do their quest on last days… I am just hoping that you can only claim all the rewards at the end of the event… Imagine on the 4th day your guild is already on the last tier… Those who did 1 or 2 quest can claim all those tier rewards your guild accomplish… If you get what im talking about…

Im playing other games… If they have guild event, you can only claim rewards when event end… In that way, leader can impose rule to participate and get a required amount of points or they get kick on last hour of event. (I am a multigamer by the way :joy: so i know how other games supporting leaders on this guild event).

Are you saying that you’re ok with keeping them if they do 0 quests but that you would want to kick them if they do only 1? That seems a little odd. Your other members get the same rewards regardless.
If this is important to you, set a minimum and if they don’t meet it, kick them.

It’s a team event. Everyone on the team benefits. If don’t want them to benefit, remove them from your team.

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You didnt get my point. Tier rewards can be claimed even before the events over…and you cannot simply kick people in first second or third day of event as some do on last days of event. Im saying is all rewards should be collected only when event done or at least guild leader can set points requirement before they can claim. Tier rewards can be claim even if you scored 0 once you accept a quest… Which is not leadership friendly event… Just saying

Some of the tier rewards help me finish some quests
Like get a X amount of vitality

So I disagree with the “should only be able to collect rewards when PL ended”

I just refuse to get involved.

This was posted last portal lords.
Sensible advice was given.

It was ignored and the same argument presented as if we didn’t understand it the first time.

It is what it is.
If you have a problem with freeloaders, kick them.

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I also have a further thing to add.

You got your rewards.
Your freeloaders getting their rewards isn’t actually costing you anything.

Answer me this, please:
Why is it such a big deal that they got stuffs??

If it offends you so much, set a minimum in the guild chat, and kick them after the event.
Yes they got one set of free stuff, but again I ask:

Why is it such a big deal that they got stuffs??

I wasn’t going to get involved.
I’m bored and avoiding five sets of fortress.

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Oh wait…

I still need to fortress…



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