Portal Lords Event Extended!

Due to the delays from server downtime and players getting locked out of the game, we’ll be extending the current Portal Lords by one day. The event will now end on Sunday, May 19th, at 9:00 AM CST.


Bruh… okay then.

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Wonderful :blush:
That will hopefully give us more time to get to another Tier reward :joy:
Pesky lazy guild members :joy::joy::joy:


This is absolutely ridiculous. Guilds that woke up early to secure a win for their guild are now going to be trumped by the secondary and tertiary guilds that slept in and still have quests to complete. Way to go perblue.


Yea, any guild that is on top of their game has no quests left and just will have epics sitting. Not sure why it was extended since patch is after it should have ended and there was plenty of notice for Apple users to not update. That isn’t a PB issue, that is a user error issue, so not sure there was a need to punish other people who used their quests on bad quests due to the time constraints.


Exactly. This isn’t fair at all. It mainly helps people who were slacking and completely screws over everyone who was not. Almost everyone in my guild used any remaining quests within the last hour on low reward quests and now we can do nothing. Per blue should pay attention and cut it off now. Everyone is mad.


:shushing_face::shushing_face: I won’t say anything. I got a wrist slap for complaining about the cap raise that didn’t happen on Wednesday :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Yes an absolute annoyance Floner. We did the same thing. I guess PB can just reset people’s quests as a thanks for our patience whilst this tricky update occurs. :pray:

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Will you add any additional tiers?


Good question. We’ve completed all tiers already

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It is updating right now!!! :neutral_face:

I know we ended up doing all the low value ones this morning.

We reached tier 28 yesterday

Another tier please PB​:pray::love_you_gesture:

Same thing here

They should also reset the Quest count for today to compensate people for doing them quickly this morning


All I see everytime I come to forums is negativity. It’s a game to be enjoyed,not constant bickering about who is on top and how they’re being cheated from the spot by extensions. We all work on the contests whether we’re a large guild or not, someone has to be first and others come in place after them. My guild is small but we’re fine with it. The goal is to challenge yourself and see if you can improve,not to worry about whose on first. Just enjoy the game and thank everyone for a task well done. A big thank you to all the people working on the game to keep it running smoothly.


You lot do realize that Sammsquamch is the Community supporter?!
Sammsquamch is the one who has to read through all your complains & problems with the game!!!

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This is absurd, a real slap in the face to us peeps that pays you alls bills. Reset quest for everyone to be fair about this…

Per Blue try to be nice and get accused of giving players a slap in the face. Grow up people and accept the extra day graciously


Your guild does not spend the money our guilds spend… We make their paychecks

We spend enough and maybe you should rethink why you play