Portal Lords Event Extended!

How long does it take damn lol

Congrats, you just discriminated against every non spender :clap:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Way to go, your egoism/ bigotry makes me puke :roll_eyes:


I will add a positive note, PB has gone above and beyond to tend to E1’s needs and wants and although everybody just cant be pleased, it is what is is. You ( I ) can complain until we are blue in the face, fact remains, You will take what they give you ".
PB always at different points on time reward us all for certain things, so everybody put your big boy drawers, and your big girl panties, put a smile on your face, and enjoy your life, stop complaining, wait it out just like all of us have to, and when the game comes back online, do what you do, Have a Great Day !


I agree that there are way to many complaints. How many games do you know that try to fix issues and change games per player suggestions. Give it a rest. Its a game. Supposed to be fun. No ones going to get named president for being #1.


Anyone who throws there wallet around as a way to get their own childish way should reflect on how immature that sounds

Just because you pay doesnt make you ceo of the company … It makes you a mug for splurging in hopes of changing perblues directives.

They will follow their own ideals and make changes as and where required but the attitude and snarky remarks win you no battles

Either find a new game to waste your wage on… Or suck it up and deal witht the fact that its a game that is intended for all types of players nit just your god complex whales


A big A M E N !

Do you think your the only guild that spends alot of $ ?
Really ! I wont even get into specifics about the $ spent between the 4 guilds I’m a part of, did you read that, I said " a part of ", which means I’m only a portion of the contributors, there are 100’s of guilds who are in the SAME boat as everyone. You dont get a big boy prize for the amount of money you spend, all that tells me is your spoiled rotten self cant work and earn your achievements, you have to but them. So with that said, have fun spending and spending, I WILL have fun with how I do it, abs the ironic thing is, This Game is Free to play. So dont complain about $ when your NOT obligated to pay for a dang thing !


I love it. I dont normally defend Per Blue in fact I’m normally complaining but this time they are going above and beyond to fix a problem not of their making and trying to compensate players fairly. Good on them and thank you for trying


It would be easier to enjoy the game when they don’t change things last minute to help some people and hurt others. And of course you see complaining on the forum. That’s the reason to come here. To let them know what is not working.

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Are you really that hurt though? Guilds that are behind will still be behind, it’s not like all of a sudden everyone will go O My, we have one extra day do all the things. Even if some did start to move you have the same extension and can also continue to compete. Most likely this will give others an opportunity to maybe get some more reward tiers.


Okay so… seriously… I doubt the PB teams did this on purpose. I’m pretty sure they don’t thrive on complaints or enjoy working on the weekend… sooooo shhhhh and get over it!

Thanks for working on the issues so diligently PB team! :heart:


I honestly think PB did all they could to make this update happens and the complaints here are pretty ridiculous.
There is no constructive criticism in those complaints. Some players dont read forums or dont play each day so they were locked out of the game. Extending portal lords is just a cool thing to do. Allowing guilds to do more quests and getting more rewards.
Maybe Some people are just grumpy because they didnt get enough sleep for doing early morning quests :thinking: ?
@Polaris @Sammsquamch Thank you for your hard work and your patience to deal with these players. And Im loving the new drop rate in dungeons :grin:


If everyone did the same then we are all in the same boat :woman_shrugging:t2::joy: