Portal lords gone wrong?

What happened today??? PLORDS I still had 3 Quests to play. Looking forward to beating my teamates next thing I know… No Quests left game over??? Yes I would have won.
No. I didn’t play it.
But I came to play not sit back and watch a video. Yes I got points equivalent to about 8000…
Still no fun nor challenge really you did this???.

You should submit a ticket. They can look into the issue then.

Really still waiting what a load of…

Send a ticket!! What a joke. They don’t bother answering and even if they do it’ll be an automated response. Putting up 2000 point quest for tourney at the same time it ended was something only perblue could think of to piss people off. I’ve sent 3 tickets and I’m just getting ignored. Even this message will probably get deleted!!! Really Perblue?

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Pl quests all have a set timer that has to tick down every time a quest of that tier is taken before another one can appear, in your case, someone will have accepted an epic quest x hours (not sure if it’s 10 or 12) before the event ended and so there was enough time for it to regen but not to complete it.
This is not something pb does on purpose and the only one to blame in that situation is your guild for poorly managing quest regen timers.


@SerpensInvictus you didn’t read the post correctly. I had 3 Quests left. IF I got three epic Quests that would have been a Max possible 6k points. Instead, my quest chances disappeared and I received over 7k points. A physical impossibility.

Read the comments under your post & then you (should) see who SerpensInvictus replied to…

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@Marchioness_Dane OK thanks would have helped if @SerpensInvictus Serp had tagged.

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