Portal Lords Issues


This entire discussion/rant/whatever you want to call it is going to revolve around the Portal Lords event. Language might get to be a bit unprofessional but in order to understand the level of aggravation at the situation it is a MUST.

So first off I’ll start by explaining the average portal lords event. There are quests with set numbers of points per difficulty/task they do not vary. You get 3 quest attempts for every 24 hours that portal lords is open except for the first day you get before you reach the 24 hour mark and the last day which you have 8-10 hours to use before the timer expires. Each guild, regardless of amount of players/faction chosen have the same tier reward requirements.

Each quest has a rarity (Orange[epic] , Purple [rare] , Blue [uncommon] , and Green [common].)
Epic quest reset timer : 12 hours
Rare quest reset timer : 3 hours
Uncommon quest reset timer : 1 hour
Common quest reset timer : 30 minutes
Totaled up per day ((assuming you’re on 24/7 and grab quests immediately as they pop up without timing to check if you’re actually able to complete it or not)) are as follows
Epic 4 per day, rare 32 per day, uncommon 144 per day, and common 1,344 per day.

Now you may be asking yourself… Devil why is any of this information even pertaining to or why does any of this effect me? The answer is simple really a baseline of statistics for later discussions in this thread. So let’s talk turkey now and address the black sheep in the room

Portal Lords Quests - problematic quests

I have heard from many players that certain quests are a bit “excessive” in what’s required to do or about stipulations for completing the quests.

  1. First off there’s the boss key epic quest. You need to collect 5 of these buggers when your daily cap is only 3 (per reset) and if you collect your free daily one that means you could only collect 2 more from endless (this may have been fixed and is not verified at the time) but it caused many players a great headache of having to reset their dungeons and hunting forever for stupid keys that RNG just wouldn’t cooperate… needless to say it aggravated a great deal of players. This quest difficulty has been made much easier by the recent addition of guild shop if you level it up enough and stock it with boss keys, so it’s not so much of an issue anymore but wanted the past frustration noted for PB bigwigs to see.
  2. Next up you have the 30 epic keys quest. As stated before with the boss keys the RNG for key drops after you’ve selected this quest just gets insane. Sometimes players can get them quickly, others you’ll run 20-30 whole dungeon floors before you manage to find the keys your require… again this adds more frustration. Just as noted with boss keys, epic keys can be stocked in the guild shop as well and makes the quest a little bit easier.
  3. Skip 100 dungeon floors in 1 hour time limit… Man where to start with this one, first of all, NOBODY wants to reset their dungeon, but not only do you have to reset your progress, you have to be smart enough to time it at reset to get the full 100 floors or already have it reset to 0 before portal lords event starts which is a bit ridiculous and many players agree because you set a limit of skipping only floors 1-70. Nobody wants to reset their dungeon to those levels period, it’s asinine to reset something labeled as endless for a quest. There is no real trick to this quest besides resetting your dungeon before the event and working it out with guildmates that you’ll take up the quest.
  4. Disarm 200 traps rare quest… as stated above about the RNG after accepting these quests trap counts seem to wear thin except for in deep endless dungeon levels. This quest usually tends to eat up about 1-1.5 hours of time with a 5x speed buff and a nice handful of torches, so without it you could be looking at 2 hours worth of work, I wouldn’t suggest taking it if you’re short on time to play. However I do have to address a specific issue with it, the well for disarm all traps on the floor, why does it not work? The quest is defined by just disarm traps on the floor and description of the well is DISARMS ALL TRAPS ON THE CURRENT FLOOR. So why doesn’t this work to players advantage? There’s no real secret to this quest just run endless it has the best trap rate (information is based on 4 ((1-40 floor epic epic runs)) I only had 17 traps I found in each of those epic epic runs.)
  5. I can’t say enough how many times I’ve complained about this one myself… getting war attack quests when there’s no war going on. I have also sent many simple solutions they could implement but they say none are feasible. Now war attack quests are not so bad themselves but when there’s no war ongoing it gets to be very annoying refreshing them or worse accepting them and the other guild is being a soggy diaper and ending war before you’re able to complete it. S2 worked together to ensure we made wars last long enough that both sides were able to complete their tasks, this merge with S1 I can’t say the same, but this is going off topic. Now if it wasn’t annoying enough that you get these war hit quests with no war when you use refreshes on them they refresh to the exact same ******* thing… so now that wastes my refreshes and abandoning them 30m-1h later you get the exact same quest over and over. I spent 15 hours last portal lords event just refreshing and dismissing quests and got the same ones over and over and over. This is an issue that for sure needs to be addressed promptly. As for tricks to this quest try to pm the leaders or online members of opponent and work out a deal with getting quests done but can’t really trust anyone to keep their word some may use that info to screw you over and make you fail a quest even.
  6. The shrine quests, I swear the RNG for these quests drops significantly once the quest is open as you’ll rarely ever find what you require. Tip to beating it is to find the shrine first then accept the quest after.
  7. Tourney aspect points, this quest is relatively easy. But it gets very annoying when tourney is closed and you’re unable to do them it’s hours wasted to dismiss or to let it just sit until reopened. And I suggested making tourney open for all days during Portal Lords but never heard anything further on the topic from samsquatch. Kinda really makes me think our ideas go in one ear and out the other when you’re given ways to fix things and just don’t implement it or address it other ways.
  8. Next issue I keep hearing about are the lower level normal ch 5 (160) times… what benefit does this serve players on older servers? We have all of that gear pretty much locked down. Guess what I’m getting at is it would be nice to be able to use our stamina for quests with points where we can build the gear we currently are advancing on instead of that old stuff we have thousands of.

Portal Lords Tier Points Requirements

  1. So the first thing that was noticed is that the portal lords points required for full rewards WENT UP since the merge and loss of 5 more bodies for points. Many players are having a difficult time with their guilds to reach the minimum points for max tier rewards (which aren’t that great really anyways) but it’s the principle of the matter… Events like these should have the highest tier reward reachable by doing the minimum points quests only, which would be more fair to players in general, as many players don’t have the money or time to waste doing the quests for decent points. The number of points required for max tier needs to be refigured to the minimum points quests to make the goal more obtainable and increase players morale playing the rigged game.
  2. My basis for calling Portal Lords a rigged game is as follows with 40 guild members we’re expected to reach 638,866 points which equates to 15,972 points per person in guild at 18 quests each that’s 888 points per quest required and buying the extra 1 giving 19 quests it’s 841 points per quest accepted. Which means those 600-840 point quests aren’t enough to reach that goal. Yes there’s higher points to alleviate that for stronger higher guilds, but what if the free to play guilds that just spend a hour or so on game and lack the resources to complete those more difficult quests. Not saying much to that side of the community and you all never put much thought towards them when you update things. Also many guilds still don’t have the full 40 or are having transient members ((means they’re guild hoppers)) they won’t be able to reach the same goals as easily either.
  3. Which leads me to my next point the tier requirement points… before server merge we had 45 players and still couldn’t reach max tier rewards in Portal Lords and the points required were less than what they are now by 300 points. It was 638,566 now it’s 638,866 so we lost 5 players but have 300 points more to make to reach that goal. Yeah you say it was designed for 40 people only to begin with so why raise the number even more than you had it? Doesn’t make any sense to me, but then again not much I hear from this side does make sense.
  4. But that leads me to my next statistic… quest refreshing… a full guild has 40 players getting 3 free quest attempts per day totals out to 120 quests total per day. Assuming you’re on 24/7 and accepting quests and dismissing them all the second they pop up if the points are too low you can dismiss epic 4 times rare 32 times etc etc as seen above, but what you don’t see above is the factoring of the ratio of quests in common side which are actually high enough minimum points for tier rewards max points. Which only pertains to common quests out of 1,344 quests possible per daily reset only 164 of those quests will be high enough points. Bear in mind that’s assuming you NONSTOP refresh them soon as they come up.
  5. Last but not least for this topic, let’s address the scoring… let’s face it the tier rewards are more like a congrats on the good job reward, besides the stamps the rewards that everyone cares about is the big chest rewards for overall points. So why even bother setting the bar so awfully high on tier rewards in the first place? Guilds are going to compete with one another for max points for first place overall anyways the rest of us just go for tier rewards and hope for the best on final chest.

Feel free to say whatever you want about the above topics, would love to hear you guys feedback. But also keep in mind to include the free to play members and lower level and low member guilds in mind when you reply. They’re just as important as any pay to play member to the community and that’s pretty much what this post is about.


I would personally like to see the quests more generalized and simple. Like for example, the normal campaign quest, instead of a specific chapter, just allow any chapter to be completed.


That’s actually a perfect solution…


Yes, I love that idea! :o


Please, please, implement that idea PB!!!