Portal Lords Preview - April 1


Preview of Rewards

Here’s a look at some of the cosmetic rewards that might influence which Faction you want to join during the next Portal Lords event! This Portal Lords will not run on Server 10.

Faction Rewards


Servers 1-9



Servers 1-9

Ember Mermaid


Servers 1-7


Servers 8-9

Wuxia Woman

Servers 1-4

High Victorian Gothic

Server 7

Flowering Vine

Servers 8-9

Slimy Bishop

Chat Stamps




Portrait Borders


Psycho Spectacles


Trim Rims


Sup Bro?


Got got need.
Got need got.
Got need need.

Finesse it is?
Or focus technically.

Shame we’re all going fury for the hero shards


Most still doing Finesse ;(
They never learn to choose anything else


Surely this is a mistake? Server 8 has already won wuxia Wonder Woman as a skin in the past. Why aren’t we getting the snowy owl bear skin? It doesn’t make sense at all.


Welcome to per blue

Pesky skins


Heres another question, why do different servers get different options at all when cosmetic chests exist? It seems kinda silly to me to go through the “extra effort” to put different prizes on different servers than just make them all the same


Probably so they don’t repeat rewards.

They still have some borders and colors and stamps that hasn’t been used yet.
Until everything has been available in PL, they can start to repeat it.

I think


The progression portrait borders will never** be repeated in PL on a server. There are 3 new ones each event. Newer servers were never offered some of the older borders, or when the border was offered they were getting an even older border.

**I say never, but there may come a time when we run out of ideas or the art team no longer has the bandwidth to make a new border set every 3 weeks. As of now there are no plans for a border set to repeat on a server in PL.


Why is it on server 10 my leader was unable to open the portal lords yet myself as commander i could open and view but unable to start or choose a faction rather so the guild could participate ??


Why is it that you waited until it was over before mentioning that?


Ask support
6 days ago


Server 10 didn’t get to participate in Portal Lords this time


I didn’t think they could.

But OP was so convincing, that I thought there was an actual problem


I mean FFS