Portal Lords Preview - March 11


This is… really lame. The only thing good in this are the d20 stamps…which every faction gets. All of these rewards are repeat crap that noone needs or wants. Thought pb was listening to its consumers? Guess we are going finesse again on s8… cuz… another new finesse hero…


Don’t worry.
It will be fury forever for you soon enough lol


Keep the reward skins as is please. S6 never got a chance to get punk rock and desert djinn so this is great


I believe for S1 the skins should be changed everyone I believe had this 3 options lol. Just a suggestion




I owned all focus skins last time. I didnt get 600 diamonds… it just blanked itself out for me


I don’t often speak up on the PQ forums but I have to say these are the most disappointing PL rewards I’ve seen since the release of PL. I don’t understand the thought process here. Portal Lords is a lot of work and the rewards offered here are all duplicates for a lot of the old school players (who most likely have spent the most). Someone else posted asking if you uploaded info from a previous PL and I thought exact same thing. Is it all just reruns now, outside of new heroes? This is not how you keep players engaged, I don’t get it.


Sure, the cosmetics don’t offer anything new, but I think the upgrades to the quantities in the tiered rewards are a step in the right direction. They can still use refining, but the devs are open to suggestions to an extent.


Nice to see some pixie shards there for sure