Portal Lords Preview - May 25

Preview of Rewards

Here’s a look at some of the cosmetic rewards that might influence which Faction you want to join during the next Portal Lords event!

Faction Rewards


Cyberpunk Hunter


Neopunk Knight

Please note, there is a display error with this skin that will be fixed in the 4.4 update. The view you see here is the correct skin.


Healing Blade

Servers 1-11

Clouded Over

Chat Stamps




Portrait Borders


Red Shades


Green Shades


Blue Shades

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NGL all of those skins are amazing! think you’ve absolutely smashed it here PB

Vote Focus


Agree!! Specially having a skin for a heroe that is used on a regular basis. :blush:

Ah, just the usual. Amazing skins. Bad borders. Bad stamps.

Hopefully s10 majority chooses Focus. Warp Mage has never been in Focus for a long time

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Fury,fury and always fury. Just as in game reality fury heroes rule!

Exiled Empress , furmiliar, forest hermit, lion knight and wandering sword are here.

They want a word with you.

As does prize fighter, wander woman, brass monk, ember wisp and flint lock.

Heck father Forest, frost biter, crystal cleric, tubby Traveller and sparkle pony are following up

Aaaannnndddd here comes shield maiden, noob hero, spell binder, ancient siren and silver saber.

Gosh darn it, your fury heroes gonna get got…

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