Portal Lord's Quest: Didn't Receive 1 of the Prizes


After clicking on the prize for being in the winning Focus faction, I received only one of the prizes it said I’d won but I didn’t receive the two Double Scraps Boost.
Submitted ticket yesterday but no response. Thanks.


If you already submitted a ticket, then why are you here?,
Just wait, they don’t reply to every ticket, 1 hour after they been sent


Chill out @Wizards_United
Go talk to all your guild mates, or something while you wait.

Also… if you are talking about the gold chest rewards, yes you got the reward.
I’m not sure why that double drops appears there, but I guarantee that whoever answers your ticket will be laughing quietly at you as they reply.

Now give that guild up to its rightful owner and let it retire already.

Because your recruiting…
Kinda sucks


In WU’s defense, the ticket was submitted the day before. And they’re not alone in not receiving a response from support in a timely manner. I’ve seen many, many players not receive a response back after weeks from support. We should be able to go to forums for feedback from others without condescending replies…

And if PB is laughing at their players for their support request, it doesn’t speak well for who they are as a company. Would just be nice to see people on forums actually wanting to help each other…


I do a ticket and an email for everything
Eliot handles tickets… Sam handles the emails… For me anyway…
Much more productive way to interact with the staff regarding in game issues

Ticket system is bugged…
If you don’t click the “yes, answered all my questions” your next ticket ends up in limbo

So most likely those waiting weeks didn’t follow protocol and will have to email support to reset ticket system.

Speedy replies come from queuing tickets, slow replies you are out of the que and won’t ever be seen.

If need the link to email its all over forum


Once loyal heroes get their guild back, I’ll happily apologise and help.

You know that I am not the biggest fan of suli.
But during the mass retirement of their guild, it was accidentally given to them as the previous leader quit.

If that had happened to You or I, we would have handed it back to domi or suli without a thought.

But oh no…
Not this person.
No… they are going to take ownership of a guild because it has all the perks unlocked.

I wouldn’t care.
But this was months ago.
And it’s still just them and two retired people.

Give it up already.
Let it rest in peace.



I submitted a ticket for an empty box… apparently the acceptable response is “we are looking into it”. Ticket closed multiple times and is now forgotten. Meh…