Portal Lords Quest

So we are loaded with epic dungeon Quest when there is no epic dungeon on our server as of yet. Inability to clear the board seems to be hanging up Quest from being reposted

Dismiss them. No loss to you. Quests will refresh.

Lost time though, the quests aren’t refilled right away.

Loss of alot of things… Not a very uplifting experience.

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The new mode isn’t 100% perfect on first day…
Shall we use the bug reporting thread to list all the issues in one place, so that they can be dealt with in one go?

Let’s spam the forum with thread after thread after thread saying the SAME. EXACT. THING.

Way to go, guys. Keep up the good work.


You’re doing God’s work, Mici :wink:

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I keep seeing the same response. Is that also spamming or just due diligence? :joy:

A little from column A.
A little from column B.

I’m glad you are one of the few that understands sarcasm mici. Keep up the good work😊

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