Portal Lords quests not working


I have not for 2 days been able to play portal lords quests for some strange reason. What could the issue be? We have 2 days left and I’d like to play


Firstly, have you submitted a ticket?
Secondly, saying you can’t play PL, doesn’t tell us what the problem is :wink:
Make screenshots and contact support in game, so they can look into the matter…


Have you recently moved guild?


No I have not moved guilds again…I’m good now. Don’t know what the issue was but it’s fixed now…:sunglasses:



The only known reason for a 24 hours lock out of quests and stuffs is from a guild move / leave and rejoin.

If it happens again, as advised already, take pictures of the error messages / greyed out selection boxes etc to send to support for them to investigate.


Haven’t been there yet. Bad me. Dunno.


Next time

Try to turn device off then on
Heard that might fix Iphones

But who knows, I don’t use Iphones

Btw Sarcasm can occur